African Postal Heritage Papers: Mauritius

I am pleased to announce that the publication of three African Postal Heritage Papers about Mauritius by the African Studies Centre, Leiden (The Netherlands). We are happy that we managed to release them in time for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Mauritius on the 12th March 2018. 

Due to the massive amount of information, the papers are published in 3 volumes as follows:
The first paper (referenced APH 27) covers the period starting from the beginning of postal history in Mauritius until independence. It is available on:
The second paper (referenced APH 28) covers the period after independence to date. It is available on
The third paper (referenced APH 29) is a listing of Mauritius postmarks (opened and closed) as well as an iconographic analysis of Mauritian stamps. This paper is available on:
This is part of a scientific project to prepare and encourage in-depth studies about on the one hand the history of postal services, and what they say about the political geography and geopolitics of what for a long time used to be a state service, and on the other hand the iconography of stamps as ‘messengers’. 
The link to all other APH papers so far isAfrican Postal Heritage (APH) papers
These papers are working documents, so any comments/ views/ suggestions are more than welcomed. 

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