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Stamps of the Year 2010

2010 Stamp Year Pack

2010 Stamp year pack

9 April 2010: 3rd Joint SAPOA Issue 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Official First Day

A set of 9 stamps on 3 official FDCs and a souvenir sheet was issued on 9 April 2010 to mark the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Mauritius was among the 9 out of 14 countries of the Southern African Postal Operators Association (SAPOA) to commemorate the hosting of the 19th edition of the FIFA World Cup (2010) held in South Africa. The 8 other countries were Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Each of the 9 stamps pictured in this 3 series represent one national flag of the SAPOA countries. The design features a graphic image of soccer players in action, a soccer ball, the national flag of each country and last but not least: Zakumi – the official mascot especially designed for the World Cup in South Africa. The name Zakumi is composed of “ZA”, standing for South Africa, and “kumi”, which means 10 in various languages across Africa.

(i) 3rd Joint SAPOA Issue, Cover I

2010 09 Apr - SAPOA_1

(ii)  3rd Joint SAPOA Issue, Cover II

2010 9 Apr - SAPOA_2

(iii) 3rd Joint SAPOA Issue, Cover III

2010 9 Apr - SAPOA_3

3rd Joint SAPOA Issue 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Souvenir Sheet


11 April 2010: Birth Centenary of Renganaden Seeneevassen, Special Commemorative Cover

This Special Commemorative Cover marks the birth centenary of Renganaden Seeneevassen, born in Mauritian in 1910. Prompted by the blatant injustices of colonial Mauritius and imbued with a sense of fairness, R. Seeneevassen left Mauritius in 1935 to read law in England. There, he met great leaders of the Indian independence movement such as Pandit J. Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi and the interaction developed his keen interests in politics.

Upon his return to Mauritius, he joined the Labour Party and became of its most influential leaders. His powerful negotiations skills and knowledge of law greatly helped to shape the Constitution os Mauritius. He was the first Mauritian Minister of Education and introduced a new Code of Education to ensure a fair and equitable education system. The two stamps are from the Definitive flowers series.

2010 9 Oct - Birth centenary Seeneevassen

5 August 2010: Al-Idrissi Geographer and Cartographer, Official First Day Cover

This stamp pays tribute to the famous Arab geographer and cartographer Al-Idrissi. He contributed to the enrichment of the maritime history of the Indian Ocean and the world. The iconic figure of Al-Idrissi (about 1100 – 1165) is famous for his Book of Roger (1154 – 1157), the state-of-the-art world atlas in pre-modern times. This map shows the sphericity of the earth.

As a cartographer, he believed that the world was round and was a reference in the world of cartography till the 16th Century. The FDC depicts the famous planisphere which Al-Idrissi designed for King Roger II of Sicily in 1154. It was almost 6-feet in diametre, inscribed on silver and weighing some 450 pounds. The map portrayed is upside down, as was customary with the Arabs following the Chinese traditions.

2010 5 Aug - Al Idrissi

13 August 2010: Death Centenary of Florence Nightingale (1910 – 2010), Special Commemorative Cover

This Special Commemorative Cover commemorates the death centenary of Florence Nightingale, who was born in Italy on 12 May 1829 and died on 13 Aug. 1910 at the age of 90. she was a nurse by profession and a statistician. Resisting family opposition, fighting the restrictive societal code and the over feminisation of women into near helplessness, she strived to educate herself in the art and science of nursing.

Also known as the ‘lady with the lamp‘ she was a model of compassion and commitment to care especially for the Crimean war. She initiated sanitary reforms and promoted diligent hospital administration. The background on the FDC depicts the old facet of ‘Civil Hospital” which was built in the 18th century and used as a military hospital during colonial days. 

2010 13 Aug - Death centenary Florence Nightingale

20 August 2010: Shanghai Expo 2010, Official First Day Cover

This official first day cover commemorates the Shanghai Expo 2010. World Expo Shanghai 2010 aims to stage and present to the world splendid and unique human achievements. “Better city – better life” was the main theme, and explored the full potential of urban life in the 21st Century. Mauritius’ participation in the Expo was built around the concept “Mauritius: a City State”, and aimed at showcasing the country’s strategic location, its economic vibrancy, modernity, environmental consciousness, harmonious blend of cultures, artistic and cultural heritage and natural beauty. 

2010 20 Aug - Shanghai Expo 2010

The Rs. 30 stamp depicts the Two Pence Post Office Mauritius, famously known as the Blue Penny Stamp, considered as a gem in the world if philately. The FDC features the logo of the World Expo Shanghai 2010, which represents a Chinese character ‘shi’, meaning world, modified to represent three people together with the 2010 date. 

28 August 2010: Bicentenary Anniversary of the Battle of Grand Port 1810 – 2010, Official First Day Cover

On 28 August 2010, two postage stamps were issued to mark the bicentenary anniversary of the Battle of Grand Port between the French and the British. Occupied by the French since 1735, the British, after conquering Seychelles (1794), Rodrigues (1809) and Reunion (1810), set sail to capture Isle de France. The French could hardly offer any resistance, as there were only 4000 soldiers, including 2000 reservists on shore.

On 14 Aug 1810, the British took possession of Ile de la Passe, a fortified islet controlling the entrance of the harbour of, with 4 warships: La Magicienne, Le Sirius, La Nereide and Iphigenie, under the orders of Commodore Samuel Pym. After a fierce battle against the 4 french warships, namely “Le Victor, Le Ceylan; La Bellone and La Minerve” under the command of Captain Duperré, and which lasted 5 days. The peak of the battle was on the night 23 – 24 Aug. 2010, with serious casualties on both sides.

The British forces were defeated. The Captain of the British ship Nereide, N. Willoughby and the French Captain of La Bellone, V. G. Duperré, were seriously wounded during the battle. This battle was the only naval victory of the French troops over the British under Napoleon Bonaparte. The Battle is immortalised at l’Arc de Triomphe in Paris, with the inscription Grand Port. 

2010 28 Aug - Bicentenary of battle of Grand Port

The two stamps are:

(i) Rs. 14 pictures a scene of the Battle; and

(ii) Rs. 21 which shows a view of Ile de la Passe. The FDC depicts the monument of Pointe des Régates, erected in the memory of the said battle. The portraits of Duperré and Willoughby appear in the background.  

18 September 2010: 110th Birth Centenary of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (1900 – 1985), Father of the Nation, Official First Day Cover

On 18 September 2010, a commemorative Rs. 100 gold postage stamp was issued to mar the 110th birth anniversary of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. The FDC illustrates the statue of SSR, located at Port-Louis Waterfront. Mauritius owes a great debt of gratitude to SSR for having sown the seeds of a modern prosperous and vibrant multi-cultural society. SSR is considered as the Father of the Nation, the most important political personality, as a result of his relentless fight for independence. He was the first Prime Minister of Mauritius.

2010 18 Sep - SSR Father of Nation

20 October 2010: World Statistics Day, Special Commemorative Cover

On 20 October 2010, the world celebrated the first World Statistics Day to raise awareness of the many achievements of official statistics premised on the core values of service, integration and professionalism. The Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the event. The two stamps depict the dodo.

2010 20 Oct - World Statistics Day

30 October 2010: Labourdonnais, Un Domaine Privé s’ouvre au Public, Special Commemorative Cover

A special Commemorative Cover was issued on 30 October 2010 to celebrate the opening of the Labourdonnais Chateau located in Mapou to the public. The Chateau de Labourdonnais offers an enchanting excursion in the history and lifestyle of 19th Century Mauritius. A unique tourist attraction which unveils the various aspects of the island’s cultural heritage and richness. 

2010 30 OCt - Labourdonnais un jardin prive

1 December 2010: Bicentenary of the British Conquest of Isle de France (1820 – 2010), Official First Day Cover

On 1 December 2010, an official first day cover was issued to commemorate the bicentenary of the British conquest of Isle de France. In spite of the loss of four vessels during the battle of Grand Port in August 1810, the British were determined to capture Isle de France to put an end to the looting by the French vessels coming from India.

After the battle, the British strengthened the blockage of Isle de France for an imminent invasion, prepared from Rodrigues, captured in 1809. The British fleet was placed under the order of Vice-Amiral A. Bertie, while some 16,000 men embarked on 21 war vessels and 46 carriers from Rodrigues were placed under the command of General Abercrombie. The British were aware of the existence of coastal batteries on the west and north west of the island. So, leaving their war vessels off the reef, they decided to land their troops on the northern coast in rowing boats at ebb tide on 20 November 1810.

All forces landed safely in Grand Baie and Poudre d”Or and proceeded inland, without much resistance. The French, under the command of General M. Vandermaesen had only 2200 men to oppose the invading British forces. Other vessels were already anchored on the West coast of Mauritius. The Governor of Isle de France decided to negotiate the cessation of hostilities. The French acknowledged defeat and the Acte de Capitulation was signed on 3 December 1810. It was generous. Isle de France was renamed Mauritius. 

2010 3 Dec - Bicentenary of British conquest of isle de France

The postage stamps show the following:

(i) Rs 7 stamps depicts the onward march of the British forces towards Port-Louis;

(ii) Rs. 2 shows the Acte de Capitulation signed by the French. The FDC features the map of Mauritius showing itineraries of the triumphant march of the British forces from the North to Port-Louis. 

Stamps of the Year of 2011

26 January 2011: International Customs Day, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative cover was issued on 26 Jan. 2011 to mark the celebrations of the International Customs Day.  That year, the World Customs Organization dedicated the theme “Knowledge, a catalyst for Customs Excellence” to commemorate international customs day. This is a tribute to the critical role knowledge plays in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administration across the globe. The cover shows a Rs. 7 stamp depicting British landing in December 1810 when they conquered Isle de France.

2011 26 Jan - International customs day

18 April 2011: Mauritius in World Heritage, Official First Day Cover

On 18 April 2011, a set of 4 stamps was issued to commemorate Mauritius in world heritage. 

2011 18 Apr - Mauritius in World Heritage

The four stamps depicts the 2 monuments that are listed on UNESCO World Heritage List.

  1. Rs. 7 shows the Aapravasi Ghat steps which were the gateway through which thousands of indentured labourers coming from various parts of the world set their feet.
  2. Rs. 14 stamp illustrates Le Morne Mountain and its surrounding landscape. Le Morne holds great importance in the history and memory of Mauritius. It is known for its association with runaway slaves (maroon slaves) and stands out as a symbol where maroon slaves paid a high price to retain their freedom, by choosing death by jumping off the mountain, over captivity.
  3. Rs. 15 stamp illustrates the monument at Le Morne, erected in memory of the slaves.
  4. 25 stamp depicts the kitchen located within the hospital block of the Aapravasi Ghat, used for sterilising medical instruments.

18 April 2011: Mauritius in World Heritage, Souvenir Sheet

MS Heritage

20 June 2011: Anniversaries and Events, Official First Day Cover

A set of 4 postage stamps was issued on 20 June 2011 to mark anniversaries and events of importance to Mauritian socio-economic and political landscape.

2011 30 June - Anniversaries and events

The stamps feature the following:

  1. Rs. 7 stamp illustrates a Census form of the 19th Century was issued to mark this event and as a medium of communication with a view to raise awareness and interest among the population on the Population Census of 2011.
  2. Rs. 14 stamp depicts the birth centenary of Sir Moilin Jean Ah-Chuen, who played a very active and significant role in commerce and industry, and in the socio-economic, cultural and political life of Mauritius.
  3. Rs. 21 stamp features the 125th birth centenary of Dr. Maurice Curé an eminent figure of Mauritius political scene, who advocated constitutional reforms and denounced exploitation and injustice during the British rule. He is one of the founding fathers of the Mauritius Labour Party, the partly that led the country to independence in 1968. He was elected a member of the Legislative Council in 1946 and 1948 and of the Legislative assembly in 1964. 
  4. Rs. 25 stamp was issued to mark the centennial of Medine Sugar Estates, incorporated in 1911 as a sugar producing company. The factory is located in the Western part of the island. From a company engaged initially in sugar production, the company diversified over the years in livestock, cattle, stag rearing, vegetable cultivation, farming, leisure and property development. 

30 June 2011: Sir Moi Lin Jean Ah-Chuen (1911 – 2011) Birth Centenary, Special Commemorative Cover

The 30th June 2011 marked the birth centenary of Sir Jean Ah-Chuen, a businessman and politician. A Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the event. Sir Ah-Chuen was a successful businessman and a great promoter of Chinese culture and language. He was also a politician and was appointed successively Member of the Legislative Council in 1948, 1953 and 1959 to represent the Chinese community; a member of Parliament in 1963; 1967 and a Minister until 1976. 

2011 30 June - Birth centenary Ah Chuen

8 September 2011: Commemorative Events, Official First Day Cover

A set of 3 postage stamps was issued on 8 September 2011 to commemorative key events.

2011 8 Sep - Commemorative events

The stamps feature the following:

  1. Rs. 11 stamp marks the 250th anniversary of the observation of the Transit of Venus in Rodrigues. Mauritius was associated with the astronomical study of the Transit of Venus on 2 June 1761;
  2. Rs. 12 stamp marks the international year of chemistry. The year 2011 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Marie Curie and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies;
  3. Rs. 17 stamp was issued to commemorate the International Year of Forests as proclaimed by the UN. It celebrates the central role of people in the sustainable management conservation and sustainable development of the world’s forests.

12 September 2011: 60ème anniversaire de Petrusmok, Chazal 1902 – 1981 – Special Commemorative Cover

Petrusmok was the title of a famous book written by Mauritian author Malcom de Chazal in 1951, which is a spiritual history of Mauritius found in its natural surroundings, and in particular inspired by mountains. 

2011 12 Sep - 60e anniversaire de Petrusmok - Chazal

5 October 2011: ICT – BP Conference and Networking Forum 5 – 6 October 2011, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 5 October 2011 to mark the ICT/BPO Conference & Networking Forum held in Mauritius on 5 – 6 October 2011. The purpose of the conference was to promote Mauritius as a safe, cost-competitive high-quality and knowledge intensive outsourcing destination. 

2011 5 Oct - ICT - BPO Conference

9 October 2011: HIV & AIDS Awareness, Official First Day Cover

One postage stamp was issued on 9 October 2011 to support the HIV & AIDS Awareness campaign. Mauritius has taken a number of initiatives to help disseminate information and fight HIV in the country. And HIV and AIDS act was passed in 2006 to provide the legal framework for the prevention and treatment of HIV, to protect the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against them. 

2011 9 Oct - HIV and AIDS Awareness

9 October 2011: 150th Anniversary of Post Office in Rodrigues, Official First Day Cover

On 9 October 2011 one postage stamp was issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the post office in Rodrigues, opened on 11 December 1861 in Port-Mathurin. 

2011 9 Oct - 150th Anniv of PO in Rodrigues

28 October 2011: Mauritius Ports Authority, 35th Anniversary, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 28 October 2011 to mark the 35th Anniversary of the Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA), formerly known as Mauritius Marine Authority. The MPA regulates and controls the port sector and provides the main port infrastructure and other related services. 

2011 28 Oct - 35th Anniv MPA

11 November 2011: 100 anniversary of Medine, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Medine Sugar Estate, created in 1911 on the west coast on Mauritius. Medine Limited (renamed in 2011) has always been proactive in anticipating major changes on the sugar market and in 2009, it broadened its portfolio, to include, in addition to agriculture, property development and leisure. Medine was a pioneer in the conception and implementation of the first Mauritian Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Tamarina Golf Estate. 

2011 11 Nov - 100 ans MEdine

3 December 2011: Birth Centenary of Honourable Seewa Bappoo, O.B.E, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 3 December 2011 to mark the birth centenary of Hon. Seewa Bappoo. Mr. Bappoo was an influential figure of the socio-cultural landscape of Mauritius, and in particular of the Indian community. He was also a political figure and participated in the London Constitutional Conference at Lancaster House in 1965, which paved the way for the independence of Mauritius.

2011 3 Dec - Birth Centenary Bappoo

8 December 2011: World Telegu Conference, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 8 December 2011 to commemorate the World Telegu Confenrence, held in Mauritius on 8 – 10 December 2011. Telegu is a language of the Andras, and is spoken by Mauritians of Indian origin, originating from Andra Pradesh. Telegu is the second largest language spoken in India, after Hindi. 

2011 8 Dec - World Telegu Conference

19 December 2011: Tea Industry, Official First Day Cover

Four postage stamps and a FDC were issued on the Tea Industry on 19th December 2011. Tea is well anchored in the Mauritian culture and the average consumption of tea on the island is one kg. per head annually.

Tea was introduced in Mauritius by a French priest, Father Galloys in 1760. However, under the French rule, tea production was not a priority and even the botanist Pierre Poivre kept it as a museum plant. In the early 19th Century, Sir Robert Farquhar, Governor of Mauritius, encouraged tea cultivation on a commercial basis. One of the pioneers was Raoul Corson. In the 1960s, it was decided to further intensive cultivation in the humid zones.

However, in the 1990s, it was decided to convert part of the land into sugar production and tea production declined. Today, there are 3 tea factories, namely Bois Cheri, Corson and La Chartreuse. Production is mainly for domestic production and very few, high grade teas, are exported. 

2011 19 Dec - Tea Industry

Stamps of the Year 2012

26 January 2012: International Customs Day, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover featuring the International Customs Day was issued on 26 January 2012. The theme chosen by the World Customs Organization for the year 2012 was ‘borders divide, customs connects’. The FDC illustrates various means of transport used to carry freight worldwide. 

2012 12 Jan - International customs day

4 April 2012: Law Day in Mauritius, Official First Day Cover

A set of 4 postage stamps was issued to commemorate the Law Day in Mauritius on 4 April 2012. The Law Day gives an opportunity to pay tribute to the people of the Legal Profession in appreciation of their dedication of the ideals of equality, justice and rule of law. 

2012 4 Apr - Law day

The stamps feature the following:

  1. The Rs. 7 stamp pictures Grand Port District Court, which is the court of first instance an is located in Mahebourg.
  2. Rs. 8 stamp illustrates a court room where court proceedings are held;
  3. Rs. 15 stamp portrays Sir Jean Joseph Laval Rivalland, who was the first post-independence Mauritian Chief Justice.
  4. Rs. 20 stamp illustrates a Gavel, used in courts of law as a symbol of authority and to represent the judicial system.

The Lady Justice is illustrated on the FDC. 

15 May 2012: Standard Chartered Bank, Mauritius – 10th Year Anniversary, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 15 May 2012 to mark the 10th anniversary of the introduction of Standard Charted Bank in Mauritius. It is one of leading and dynamic international banks in Mauritius.

2012 15 May - 10th annv Standard Chartered Bank

17 May 2012: Celebrating 40 Years of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Mauritius and the People’s Republic of China, Special Commemorative Covers

A set of 10 commemorative envelopes were issued to mark the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Mauritius and China, formally established on 15 April 1972. Over the years, economic and cultural ties were strengthened, built on the principles of sovereign equality of states, peace, cooperation and mutual respect and mutual benefits. Each cover features 1 Mauritian stamp and two Chinese stamps

(i) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover I

2012 17 May - 40th anniv sino-Mru diplomatic_1

(ii) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover II

2012 17 May - 40th anniv sino-Mru diplomatic_3

(iii) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover III

2012 17 May - 40th Anniv sino-Mru diplomatic_4

(iv) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover IV

2012 17 May - 40th anniv sino-Mru diplomatic_5

(v) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover V

2012 17 May - 40th Anniv Sino-Mru diplomatic_7

(vi) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover VI

2012 17 May - 40th anniv Sino-Mru diplomatic_8

(vii) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover VII

2012 17 May - 40th Anniv sino-Mru diplomatic_9

(viii) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover VIII

2012 17 May - 40th Anniv Sino-Mru diplomatic_10

(ix) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover IX

2012 17 May - 40th year sino-Mru diplomatic_2

(x) 40 years of diplomatic relations China – Mauritius, cover X

2012 17 May_40th Anniv Sino-Mru diplomatic_6

24 May 2012: Inauguration of New Triolet Post Office, Special Commemorative Cover

To mark the inauguration of the new Triolet Post Office, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 24 May 2012. The stamp affixed is the Rs. 100 gold foil postage stamp issued for the 110th birth centenary of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam.

2012 24 May - Inauguration of triolet PO

23 June 2012: Bicentenary of Mauritius Turf Club (1812 – 2012), Official First Day Cover

The Mauritius Turf Club was founded in 1812. It is the 3rd oldest racing organisation in the world after the prestigious English Jockey Club (1750) and Irish Turf Club (1790). It is the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere. Sir Robert Farquhar, Governor of the island since the conquest of the British in 1810, and his wife of French origin, Lady Maria Latour, convened an organising committee on 12 June 1812 to set the regulations for horse racing on the Champ de Mars. The race course at Champ de Mars was constructed on the crater of an extinct volcano. The area around the Champ de Mars was developed into a town – Port-Louis. 

2012 25 June - Bicentenary of MTF

Four stamps feature the following:

  1. Rs. 7 represents a typical race;
  2. Rs. 10 shows a view of the race track;
  3. Rs 14 represents the grandstand created in 1917; and
  4. Rs. 21 shows the logo of the Mauritius Turf Club. 

23 June 2012: Bicentenary of Mauritius Turf Club (1812 – 2012), Souvenir Sheet

MS Mauritius Turf Club

A souvenir sheet was also issued, showing the paddock, from where horses are prepared for the race. 

6 September 2012: 4ème Rencontre Philatélique de l’Océan Indien, Ile Maurice, 6 – 9 September 2012, Enveloppe Commémorative

A commemorative envelope was issued for the 4th philatelic meeting of the Indian Ocean, held in Mauritius on 6 – 9 September 2012. The meeting is held annually on a rotational basis on each island of the Indian Ocean.

2012 6 Sep - 4eme rencontre philatelique de l'OI

2012 - 4eme rencontre philatelique

10 September 2012: Customs Department in Mauritius, Official First Day Cover

A set of 4 postage stamps was issued to mark the 200 years of the customs department in Mauritius. As from 1957, as part of the Ministry of Finance, the Customs and Excise department was the major source of Government Revenue. To improve the efficiency of revenue collection and improve business facilitation, the Mauritius Revenue Authority was established and became fully operation in 2006.

2012 10 Sep - 200th anniv customs department

9 October 2012: Anniversaries and Events, Official First Day Cover

A set of 3 postage stamps were issued on the World Post Day on 9 October 2012 to mark 3 anniversaries and events. 

2012 9 Oct - Anniversaries and events

The stamps feature the following:

  1. Rs. 6 stamp celebrates the International Cooperatives Year proclaimed by the United Nations, on the theme “Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World”. Cooperatives harness the potential of social capital and advocate an alternative way of doing business across the world. In the early 20th century, agriculture was the backbone of the Mauritian economy. The Mauritius Cooperative Movement emerged at that time, when small-scale planters were in need of softer terms to access credit. The first cooperative society was set up in Triolet on July 1913;
  2. Rs. 14 stamp marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mauritius and the People’s Republic of China, established on 15 April 1972, following a visit of Sir S. Ramgoolam to China in 1972. Since then, the diplomatic relations was been sustained and strengthened. The new postage stamp epitomises the bridge between an eventful past and a promising future in the history of the relationship between the 2 countries;
  3. Rs. 21 stamp commemorates the centenary of scouting in Mauritius. Scouting was launched by Sir Robert Baden Powell in Great Britain in 1907 and became a popular non-political movement worldwide. It was introduced in Mauritius in 1912 by Samuel Blunt de Burgh Edwardes. Over the years, scouting became an influential movement based on values, focused on achieving its mission which is to contribute to the education of young people so they can play a constructive role in society.

13 October 2012: 10th Anniversary Rodrigues Regional Assembly, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 13 October 2012 to mark the 10th anniversary of Rodrigues Regional Assembly. The cover pictures the Coat of Arms of Rodrigues on the top left hand side and a map of Rodrigues, highlighting key aspects of the island. Rodrigues is situated at 560 km to the North East of Mauritius. It is the smallest of the Mascarene island, with an area of 140 sq. km.

2012 13 Oct - 10th Anniv of Rodrigues Regional Assembly

The mosaic within the map on the cover illustrates:

  1. Food products and crafts made in Rodrigues, essentially led by women entrepreneurs;
  2. Cultural aspects in Rodrigues, with music playing an important part;
  3. Agriculture, livestock and fisheries, the main economic pillars of the island;
  4. Tourism, another promising economic sector;
  5. Youth, making about 30% of the population.

The Rs. 21 stamp shows the Port-Mathurin Post Office. 

12 November 2012: Eminent Personalities, Official First Cover

A set of 2 postage stamps, in the series “Eminent Personalities” was issued on 12 November 2012. 

2012 12 Nov - Eminent Personalities

The stamps show the following:

  1. The Rs. 6 marks the Birth Centenary of Marcel Cabon, born in Curepipe on 26 March 1912 a former jounalist, poet and writer. As an editor of Le Mauricien and of Advance, his alert style and mastery of the French language was unparalleled in Mauritian writings. His contribution to Mauritian literature is remarkable. Among his best known works are Brune Paille, Les Contes de l’Enfant Bihari, Namasté, Brasse aux vents, and two biographies on Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam and Laurent Rivet, both famous politicians.
  2. Rs. 10 stamp pictures Goolam Mohamed Dawjee Atchia, born on 27 August 1890 in Rose-Hill. He had a brilliant political career, and was elected Municipal Counsellor of Port-Louis in 1925 and remained till 1955. He contributed significantly to the emancipation of Port-Louis and his inhabitants. He was the first Indo-Mauritian to occupy the seat of Major of Port-Louis in 1038 and was re-elected in  1946. He was also much engaged in the field of education, notably by encouraging poor people to send their children to school, by supporting the creation of a State Secondary College for girls and through his contribution to the creation of the Royal College of Port-Louis. 

23 November 2012: Le Bocage International School Celebrating over 20 years of International Education in Mauritius, Special Commemorative Cover

Two special commemorative covers were issued to mark the 20th anniversary of Le Bocage International School, an English-speaking international school, offering educational services to boys and girls from the ages of 11-19. LBIS was founded in 1990 and is located at Mount Ory, Moka. The two covers picture the logo of the school, with its moto, “Quod Bonum Est Bonum Facit” meaning What is Good Creates Good People. 

(i) 20 years of Bocage International School, Cover I

2012 23 Nov - Le Bocage 20 yrs_2

(ii) 20 years of Bocage International School, Cover II

2012 23 Nov - Le Bocage 20 yrs_1

12 December 2012: Mauritius Post Marking 12.12.12 Calendar Date

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the 12.12.12 calendar date, which happens on a cycle of 100 years. In a mathematical perspective the number 12 has a unique usefulness recognised by Mathematicians, scientists, metaphysists and the society in general. 

2012 12 Dec - Mauritius post marking calendar date.jpg

The postage stamp on the cover is a Rs. 10 denomination, picturing a giant tortoise, which is amongst the longest lived animal on the planet and needs protection. The illustration on the cover pictures planet earth shaped like a clock screen, indicating the 12.12.12 date and he 12 hour time. 

21 December 2012: 240 Years of Postal Services in Mauritius, Official First Day Cover

To mark the 240th anniversary of Postal Services in Mauritius, a set of 5 stamps on the theme “Mail Conveyance” together with a souvenir sheet theme around the “Post Office Mauritius Blue and Red Penny” stamps were issued. This set of stamps chronologically highlights the evolution of the conveyance and delivery of mails, depicting 5 modes of delivery since the establishment of the Postal Services in 1772. The 5 delivery modes have been carefully selected with special attention given to those that have never been illustrated on a postage stamp in Mauritius before. The chosen slogan for the anniversary is “from history to modernity”. Several philatelic elements have been brought to this issue. The 5 stamps, designed in a triangular format, exceptionally form part of the FDC itself. The theme of the issue ‘240 years of Postal Services in Mauritius’ is centred within a star, surrounded by the stamps illustrating the evolution around the postal services.

2012 21 Dec - 240 yrs postal services

All stamps bear a Rs. 7 denomination. The stamps represent the following:

  1. Foot messenger – 1772: Established under the French period by Pierre Nicholas Lambert, director of the Royal printing, the Postal Services was mainly introduced to deliver the first newspaper to be produced on the island. Delivery was done by slaves and messengers on foot against a fee at the time of delivery;
  2. Packet Mail Landing: 1915 – the stamp depicts the landing of sea mail which were conveyed by mail packet ship. the mail packet service linking Mauritius with Great Britain and India existed during the British period;
  3. Express letter messenger: 1930 – the evolution at both the conveyance and mail added value product was enhanced with the express service. Express mail was delivered mostly by bicycle;
  4. Inland mail arrival: 1935 – with the development of road infrastructure, mails were transported by cart;
  5. Stamp on delivery mail bags by van: 2012 – after the definitive closure of the railway in 1964, mail bags were conveyed by bus and gradually mail vans were introduced to constitute an important fleet for the conveyance of mails throughout the island. 

21 December 2012: 240 Years of Postal Services in Mauritius, souvenir sheet

The Souvenir Sheet depicts one of the red penny stamp and two pence blue stamp, together with a replica of their respective printing plates. The background illustrates the ‘parcours’ of the postal services from History to Modernity. On 20th September 1847, Mauritius became the 5th country in the world, and the 1st British Colony to issue postage stamps. They were the “Post-Office Mauritius Blue and Red Penny” stamps. Printed by Joseph Osmond Barnard, the stamps were engraved onto a small copper plate and printed one per colour. 500 prints of each value were ordered by Sir William Gomm, the then Governor of the island. The “Post Office” is assumed to have been an error. Stamps were latter issued with “Post Paid”. These 2 stamps are now considered as one of the rarest and most expensive stamps in the world. 

MS Mauritius Post 2

21 December 2012: 240 Years of Postal Services in Mauritius, postage sheet

This is a postage sheet, where all 5 stamps were issued in a head to tail format. 

MS Mauritius Post

21 December 2012: 240 Years of Postal Services in Mauritius, Private Special Cover

This cover is an unofficial special cover with the 5 stamps from the “240 Years of Postal Services in Mauritius” series. It was issued by a private (unknown) source. 

2012 21 Dec - special cover 240 postal services

Stamps of the Year 2013

31 January 2013: 150th Birth Anniversary of Baron Pierre de Coubertin 1863 – 2013, Special Commemorative Cover

To mark the 150th birth anniversary of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founding father of modern Olympic games. The five rings represent the 5 continents as Baron de Coubertin aimed at giving a platform for people of the 5 continents to practice sports, but also cultural and artistic activities, in a quest to build peace and harmony in the society. 

2013 31 Jan - 150 Annv birth Baron de Coubertin

The Rs. 25 stamp picture a traditional game of Mauritius – kite flying. And the cover illustrates a picture of Baron de Coubertin. 

12 March 2013: 45th Anniversary of Independence of Mauritius, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 12 March 2013 to mark the 45th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius and 21st Anniversary of the Republic. The cover portrays two photos, namely the hoisting of the National Flag and the lowering of the Union Jack, as well as a photo of Sir S. Ramgoolam, the first Prime Minister of Mauritius and Sir John Shaw Rennie, the last British Governor of Mauritius, at the Champ de Mars.

2013 - 45th anniv independence


18 April 2013: Sites and Monuments, Official First Day Cover

A set of 4 postage stamps was issued on 18 April 2013 in the series “sites and monuments”.

2013 18 Apri - Sites and monuments

The set of stamps features the following:

  1. Rs. 5 stamp represents the prison of Belle Mare, situated on the premises of the Constance La Gaieté Sugar Estate, which was founded in 1783. It is one of the rate structures which has been preserved to remind us of the treatment meted out to slaves during the 18th and 19th century. Most sugar domains had slaves and the Letter Patents enacted under the Code Noir of 1723 provided various forms of punishment for offences committed by such slaves, which led to imprisonment amongst others. The Prison has been proclaimed as National Heritage site since 1951.
  2. Rs. 9 stamp illustrates Chateau de Belle Ombre, created in 1765. In the Early 19th century, the estate at Belle Ombre produced sugar cane. Charles Telfair, from 1816 to 1833 developed this estate to a great estate by improving the sugar cane culture both field and milling operations and produced wood from the forest on the hill slopes. It is believed that the Chateau has been built by a rich Indian owner, Mr. Hajee Jackaria Hajee Ahmed who never can to Mauritius. It was made by the same architect who build the Treasury Building;
  3. Rs. 10 stamp shows Ireland Blyth Building. Due to the rapid expansion of the sugar industry, trade and commerce soared at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1830 and 1850 were established Thomas Blyth, Sons and Co and Hunter, Ireland & Co (renamed Ireland Fraser in July 1860), respectively.  Ireland Fraser and Co built impressive colonial style buildings in Port-Louis in 1879 and the Bowen Square was created. The building was registered in 1979 as Ireland Blyth Ltd. since 2007, it is the registered office of Afrasia Bank Litd.
  4. Rs 18 stamp represents Le Batelage. The Port of Souillac was an important strategic point during the French occupation but it was not before 1787 that it was provided with the necessary infrastructure and wharfs to facilitate access to coasters and other vessels of low tonnage. Souillac was then a busy port area and the docks constructed within its precincts and which have of late been renovated as a tourist site, served as store for bales of sugar and goods before being shipped to Port-Louis. The advent of the railway in 1875 however marked a turning point in the history of the port, which were then sent by rail. The cover pictures Bowen Square, named after Sir George Bowen, Governor of Mauritius from 1879 – 1882.

27 May 2013: L’Express, 50 ans de passion et d’innovation, Special Commemorative Cover

Le 27 mai 2013, une enveloppe commémorative a été émise pour marquer les 50 ans de l’Express. L’histoire du journal l’Express est intimement liée à celle de l’ile Maurice, en particulier dans le débat pour l’indépendance. Journal phare du groupe La Sentinelle, il est investi d’une double mission: celle d’informer, d’instruire et d’éduquer, mais aussi pour le développement du pays. 

2013 Lexpress 50 ans

30 May 2013: Mauritius Ile Durable – 150th Anniversary of Red Cross, Official First Day Cover

A set of 3 postage stamps was issued on the theme “Maurice Ile Durable” (MID) on 30 May 2013. MID is a societal project that aims to develop sustainable growth, with a vision for Mauritius to become a model for sustainable development. Key elements include energy, environment, employment, education and equity (the 5Es).

2013 30 May - Maurice ile Durable

The set of stamps features the following:

  1. The Rs. 2 and Rs. 6 stamps represent a solar panel and a wind turbine respectively, which are alternative and renewable sources of green energy.
  2. The Rs. 3 stamp marks the 150th years of humanitarian actions with the National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, set up in 1863 in Geneva by Henry Dunant. The Mauritius Red Cross Society was established in 1973 and counted 40 years of existence in 2013.

The cover represents the logo of MID and the 5Es as well as an ambulance for the Red Cross.

30 May 2013: 63rd FIFA Congress Mauritius, Official First Day Cover

An Official First Day Cover was issued with one Rs. 18 stamp, to mark the 63rd FIFA Congress held in Mauritius on 30 – 31 May 2013. The Federation Internationale de Football Association was founded in 1904 and is based in Zurich.

2013 30 May - 63rd FIFA congress

30 August 2013: Fauna and Flora, Official First Day Cover

In the series “Fauna and Flora”, 3 postage stamps were issued on 30 August 2013.

2013 30 Aug - Fauna and Flora

The three postage stamps illustrate the following:

  1. Rs. 3 stamp represents the hurricane palm, a critically endangered native palm unique to the island. It was first collected by Philibert Commerson around 1770. It is today the rarest palm in the world, which is difficult to reproduce in laboratories.
  2. Rs. 10 stamp shown a native orchid (oeniella polystachys), endemic to the Western Indian Ocean Islands. It bears white flowers of about 2 – 3 cm across, blooming for 1 month. The best population is found on Ile aux Aigrettes and Bras d’Eau;
  3. Rs. 18 stamp represents the Mascarene Swallow (phedina borbonica) also known as Mascarene Martin (or grosse hirondelle in French). It is a rare bird with less than 500 pairs remaining on the island. It is a stoutly build, brown bird with fast, powerful, swooping flight interspersed fluttering.

The cover shows a picture of Bras d’Eau, proclaimed National Park on 25 October 2011. It is an area of 497.2 hectares and harbours parches of native vegetation. It is the habitat of 10 species of butterflies and is well known for population of some birds. It has a thriving mangrove forest, and crops such as mahogany, araucaria, tecoma and eucalyptus. 

10 July 2013: 5th Anniversary of the Inscription of Le Morne Cultural Landscape as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Special Commemorative Cover

Two special covers were issued to mark the 5th Anniversary of the Inscription of Le Morne Cultural Landscape as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in July 2008. Le Morne was inscribed not only because of its stunning beauty but also because of the unique aura of resistance to slavery that surrounds it. The discovery of 2 caves near its flat topped summit, with evidence of human occupation, testifies that the near-vertical, fortress-like slopes sheltered freedom seeking maroons.

The mountain has also a very rich diversity: among the unique plants endemic to the mountain are the Boucle d’Oreille (Trochetia boutoniana), the National Flower of Mauritius, l’Immortelle du Morne (Helychysus mauritianum). It also has a rich flora, including native and exotic like the petite hirondelle and the picpic. Each cover shows Le Morne mountain, viewed from the sea.

(i) 5th Anniversary of Le Morne at UNESCO: Cover I

2013 10 July - 5th Anniv Le Morne UNESCO_2

The Rs. 15 stamp on this cover shows a vertical view of Le Morne monument. 

(ii) 5th Anniversary of Le Morne at UNESCO: Cover II

2013 10 July - 5th Annif Le Morne UNESCO_1

This second cover commemorating the 5th Anniversary of the Inscription of Le Morne Cultural Landscape as a UNESCO World Heritage site has a Rs. 14 stamp, showing Le Morne mountain.

9 October 2013: 10 years of Service as a Postal Company, Special Commemorative Cover

The reforms of the postal sector led to the privatisation of key service departments for higher efficiency and competitiveness. This led to the creation of the Mauritius Post Limited, a private company incorporated on 11 October 2011, with the Government as the majority shareholder. However, actual operations started in 2003.

2013 9 Oct - 10 yrs Postal Company

A Rs. 50 stamp was affixed and the historical building of the Post Office, next to the harbour, in the background on the cover. 

27 November 2013: 75 ans du Collège du St Esprit, Special Commemorative Cover

To mark the 75th anniversary of the creation of the College, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued, with a Rs. 16 stamp from the Stone Building series. 

The College du St Esprit was set up in January 1938 in the beautiful stone building, which had successively been the Seminaire Père Laval (inaugurated in 1920) and Pere Laval College (created in 1926). The new college was founded by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit to provide secondary education, discipline and excellence to young boys, based on the values of the catholic church. A laic community took over from the priests in 1975, but maintained the spirit and the type of education. Over the years, the College du Saint Esprit became a college of excellence, where some of the prominent figures of the Mauritian society were trained. 

2013 27 Nov - 75 years of College du St Esprit

5 December 2013: Nelson Mandela (Private Cover)

This unofficial cover was published by a private philatelist on the occasion of the passing away of Nelson Mandela, for President of South Africa. The cover pictures a portrait of Mandela as is the Rs. 25 stamp affixed to the cover.  This cover was not issued by Mauritius Post. 

2013 5 Dec - Mandela Special Cover

7 December 2013: 235eme Anniversaire de la Respectable Loge La Triple Espérence, Special Commemorative Cover

On 7 December 2013, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the 235th anniversary of the Masonic Lodge of “Triple Esperance”.

2013 - 235ans loge triple esperance

11 December 2013: Eminent Personalities, Official First Day Cover

A set of 2 postage stamps was issued in the “Eminent Personalities” series on 11 December 2013.

2013 11 Dec - Eminent Personalities

  1. The Rs. 9 stamp honours Hervé Masson, a famous paint artist and writer of international repute, born in Rose-Hill in 1919. Some of his paintings won appreciation in famous art galleries in France and New York. He passed away in 1990 in France.
  2. The Rs. 26 stamp depicts a portrait of Professor Alexander Smith, an eminent professor of constitutional law, who was commissioned to draft the Constitution of Mauritius in the mid-sixties. As such, he is considered as the father of the Constitution of Mauritius. He passed away in 1974 during his stay in Mauritius and is buried at Le Réduit cemetery. 

Stamps of the Year 2014

13 January 2014: Centenary of the Royal College Curepipe Building, Special Commemorative Cover

To mark the centenary of the Royal College of Curepipe Building, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 14 January 2014. The Royal College of Curepipe is a secondary institution, housed within a stone building, listed as national heritage, one of the National Heritage Fund Act 2003. The school itself has a much longer history. It is believed that L’Ecole Centrale, created in 1800, is the most probable ancestor of the Royal College.  

2014 13 Jan - Centenry of RCC building

The set of 3 postage stamps illustrates some stone buildings that still exist in Mauritius, namely:

  1. Rs. 2 Vagrant Depot;
  2. Rs. 7 : Postal Museum; and
  3. Rs. 16 Carnegie Library.

22 March 2014: 170th Anniversary of Golf in Mauritius at the Mauritius Gymkhana Club, Special Commemorative Cover

To celebrate the 170th Anniversary of Golf in Mauritius at the Mauritius Gymkhana Club in Mauritius, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 22 March 2014. Mauritius is the 4th country where golf was introduced in 1844 (after Scotland in 1778; England 1798 and Calcutta 1828).

Golf was introduced in 1844 by British military officers to be played close to the military base at Vacoas. The MGC is 5.6 km long and comprises six holes of par 3, two holes of par 5 and ten holes of par 4.

2014 22 March - 170th Anniv of Golf Gymkhana

28 March 2014: Fauna and Flora, Official First Day Cover

A set of 3 postage stamps of the series “Fauna and Flora’ was issued on 28 March 2014.

2014 28 March - Fauna and Flora

The stamps feature the following:

  1. Rs. 7 stamp represents a dragon fly (Anisoptera), an insect characterised by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong transparent wings and an elongated body. They are the fastest flying insects in the world and are important predators that ear mosquitoes and other small insects like flies, bees, ants, or wasps.
  2. Rs 14 stamp represents the rousette of Rodrigues (Pteropus rodricensis) a fruit bat, now only found in Rodrigues. The population of the bat has declined rapidly making it a critically endangered specie. An education programme to raise awareness about conservation of the bat was very successful
  3. Rs. 25 stamp is a pignon d’Inde, a robust tropical plant, which can live beyond a year and is drought resistant. It originates from Central America. The leaves are pale green in colour of 3 to 5 lobes of phytotaxey spirals. The firuits have a pleasant taste, but can contain toxic properties due to the presence of albuminoidal called curcin. Ingestion can give rise to digestive problems. The leaves have curative properties against angina, hemorrhage, rheumatism, piles, malaria and distended bowels. The plant is used as a support to the vanilla tree. The cover depicts a fruit bat. 

28 March 2014: Fauna and Flora, Postcard

A postcard was released by the Birdman of Mauritius, depicting the Mauritius and Rodrigues bats. It also shows the Rodrigues Rousette Rs. 14 stamp of the Fauna and Flora series. 

2014 28 March - Bats postcard

7 April 2014: Commemorating 40 years of the Maritime Wing of the Mauritius Police Force, Special Commemorative Cover

To commemorate the 40 years of the Maritime wing of the Mauritius Police Force, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 7 April 2014. It celebrates 4 decades of pride, valour and solidarity (the motto). Since its creation in 1974, a number of patrol boats ensured the surveillance of Mauritian waters. The Cover shows the Coat of Arms, with the motto Pride, Valour and Solidarity. The medallion shows Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Four different types of patrol vessels are pictured on the cover.

2014 7 Apr - 40 yrs Maritime Wing MPF

The Rs. 7 stamp is from the Bicentenary of Mahebourg series of 2006, showing Regatta.

28 May 2014: Anniversaries and Events, Official First Day Cover

A set of 4 postage stamps was issued on 28 May 2014 in the series “Anniversaries and Events”.

2014 28 May - Anniversaires and Events

The stamps feature the following:

  1. The Rs. 8 stamp commemorates the 150th death anniversary of Bienheureux Pere Laval. Father Laval arrived in Mauritius on 14 September 1841. He spent most of his time with the poor and needy ex-slave population, to evangelise them and educate them. He died at the age of 61 on 9 September 1864. His burial vault found in Sainte Croix, is the most renown worship place in Mauritius. Every year, on 9th September, there is a pilgrimage to his sepulture. Thousands of Mauritians walk from different parts of the island on the night of the 8th to his tomb to pray. The was beatified in 1979 ;
  2. The Rs. 14 stamp marks the 10th Anniversary of the creation of the Ombudsperson for Children’s Office, aims to protect and promote the rights and interests of children;
  3. The Rs. 15 stamp commemorates the 200th Anniversary of the Arrival of Reverend Jean Lebrun in Mauritius a Protestant Missionary (the first one to come to Mauritius), who is regarded as the precursor of free education in Mauritius. Soon after his arrival in May 1814, he started to set up schools in Port Louis for those who could not attend private schools. As a missionary he also set up churches to preach the Gospel;
  4. Rs. 25 stamp to mark the 25th years of the introduction of mobile telephone in Mauritius. Mauritius was amongst the first countries in the Southern Hemisphere to introduce mobile phones. The first mobile phone was launched by a private company by the name of Emtel in May 1989.

29 May 2014: Celebrating 25 years of Mobile Telephony – EMTEL

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 29 May 2014 to mark the 25th anniversary of mobile telephony in Mauritius. With the advent of first mobile telephony operation in Mauritius and the Southern Hemmisphere on 29 May 1989, Emtel Ltd has transformed positively the way of life of the people.

Over the past 25 years, the company has made a significant contribution to social and economic development by connecting even the remotest corners of Mauritius, including Rodrigues and Agalega, while enhancing communication to reach out to the world. With customers needs always at the fore of its priorities, the pioneering spirit of Emtel Ltd has successfully delivered a number of milestones in the history of telecommunications.

2014 - 25 ans EMTEL

8 June 2014: 50th Anniversary of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, Special Commemorative Cover

This Special Commemorative Cover marks the 50th anniversary of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), the national radio and television company. It was authorised by Government Notice No. 68 of 22 May 1964. The Rs. 6 stamp is from the Maurice Ile Durable series, and pictures a wind turbine. On the cover, the new building of the MBC in Ebene is shown in the background of the “50” number. 

2014 8 June - 50th Anniv of MBC

16 June 2014: 10th Anniversary of the Ombudsperson for Children’s Office, Special Commemorative Cover

This Special Commemorative Cover commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of an Ombudsperson for Children’s Office in Mauritius. The Ombudsperson for Children has the duty to promote and protects the rights, needs and interests of children in Mauritius and promote the compliance with International Convention on the Rights of Children. It also investigates into cases relating to the violation of the rights of Children in Mauritius, Agalega and Rodrigues.  

2014 16 June - 10th Anniversary of Ombudsperson for Children

The Rs 14 stamp is a representation of children.

8 August 2014: 90th Anniversary of the Cooperative Movement in Rodrigues, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 8 August 2014 to mark the 90th anniversary of the Cooperative Movement in Rodrigues, created in 1924 as the Trefles Cooperative Credit Society Ltd. Cooperatives occupy an important share of the economy in Rodrigues. They were set up to provide a wide range of domestic commodities at competitive prices to its members. They were later extended to various economic fields – agriculture, fisheries and livestock – and they have helped their members to mobilise savings from which loans at a reasonable rate of interests were granted. The Cover illustrates a map of Rodrigues with the cooperatives logo. 

2014 8 Aug - 90th Anniv of Coop mvt Rodrigues

The Rs 11 stamp also pictures a map of Rodrigues (released to mark the 250th anniversary of the Transit of Venus).

13 August 2014: Bicentennial of the arrival of the Reverand Jean LeBrun in Mauritius

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 13 August 2014 to mark the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Reverand Jean Le Brun in Mauritius. Arriving in Mauritius on 18 May 1814 from London at the age of 24th, Rev. LeBrun was one of the key characters of Mauritian society. Pioneer of free education in Mauritius, he was committed towards human rights and the fight against slavery. He was the founder of the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius.

A few weeks after his arrival in Mauritius, Rev. Le Brun opened the first free school for the coloured population in Port-Louis. As from 1815, several schools were opened in other regions by Rev. Le Brun. Rev. Jean Le Brun established the Independent Church in Mauritius, which in 1876 became the Church of Scotland. In 1979, it became the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius.

2014 - bicentenary Rev Le Brun

9 September 2014: Père Laval: 150 Anniversary, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 9 September 2014 to mark the 150th death anniversary of Father Jaques Desiré Laval. Born in France (Normandy) in 1803. He was the first Spiritan missionary that came to Mauritius on 14 September 1841. He served as a priest for 23 years, and relentlessly worked with the poorest people. He evangilised former slaves, who themselves were asked to convert their brothers. He is commonly known as “l’Apotre des Noirs”.

When he died on 9 September 1864, more than 40,000 people accompanied him to his burial place in Ste Croix. Pilgrimages are organised every year to at this burial place on 9th of September. The cover illustrates the burial vault of Pere Laval, over the years, as works were made to provide for more and more pilgrims. The Rs. 8 stamp shows a portrait of Pere Laval. 

2014 9 Sep - 150 anniv death of Pere Laval

Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 18.20.45

26 September 2014: Equal Opportunities Day

A Special Commemorative Cover was released on 26 September 2014 to celebrate the “Equal Opportunities Day”. The Equal Opportunities Commission was set up under the Equal Opportunity Act of 2008 and became operational on 24 April 2012. It has the duty to work towards the elimination of discrimination, the promotion of equal opportunities and the promotion of good relations between people of different status. 

2014 Equal opportunity day

6 October 2014: Closing of Belle Rose Post Office and Opening of Trianon Post Office, Special Envelope

A special envelope was issued to mark the closing of the Belle Rose Post Office and the Opening of Trianon Post Office in October of 2014. 

2014 6 Oct - Closing of PO Belle Rose -Opening Trianon

9 October 2014: La Tortue Verte, Official First Day Cover

The green turtle (tortue verte in French) is found in the tropical marine waters of the South West Indian Ocean, which shelters important nesting and feeding sites for this protected species. The latter constitutes a common heritage – it is a great migrant than can weigh over 200 kg and measures over 1 metre long. Fully grown, it is essentially herbivorous and reproduces on the beaches of tropical islands of the Indian Ocean as well as in Malagasy shores and East African shores. Both the cover and the Rs 14 stamp represent the green turtle in its marine environment. 

2014 9 Oct - Tortue Vert OFC

9 October 2014: La Tortue Verte: set of postage stamps from the Indian Ocean

The 6 countries of the region, namely Comoros, Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, Seychelles and TAAF issued a common omnibus series on 9 October 2014 to create more sensitisation on the need to protect the species.

MS Turtles

9 Oct 2014: La tortue verte presentation pack (La Poste, France)

A special ‘pochette philatélique’ was released by La Poste in France. This was a common emission, with La Poste Comores, Poasitra Malagasy, Mauritius Post, Seychelles Postal Services and TAAF (Terres Australes et Antartiques Françaises). The sleeve shows the different stages of the reproduction of the green turtle as well as marine environment where it lives. Stamps from the 6 countries are enclosed as well. 

2014 tortue de mer booklet2014 tortue de mer booklet1

9 October 2014: Collection Historique Timbres Poste Francais 

Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 19.41.36Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 19.41.52

9 October 2014: La Tortue Verte, Postcard

A postcard and its prepaid envelope was issued in France to advocate for the protection of the green turtle species.

2014 9 OCt - Tortue Verte Postcard

9 October 2014: La Tortue Verte, Prepaid Enveloppe

This prepaid envelope issued in France goes with the postcard shown above. 

2014 9 Oct - Tortue Verte prepaid enveloppe

This prepaid envelope includes all the stamps issued in the region as well as their special postmarks. It is quite a remarquable issue.

Screenshot 2019-11-24 at 10.50.26

Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 18.19.00

9 October 2014: 140th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the 140th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), established in 1874. UPU is the second oldest international organisation worldwide, shortly created after the International Telecommunications Union. It is headquartered in Berne, Switzerland. It is the primary forum for cooperation among all postal orders. It also helps to ensure a truly universal network to promote postal products and services and hosts numerous user groups to develop other sectors related to the postal sector. The Cover was released on the World Post Day, when Mauritius also celebrated its 45th adhesion anniversary as a full fledged member of UPU.

2014 9 Oct - 140th Anniv UPU

11 October 2014: Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius – 185th anniversary, Special Commemorative Cover

On 11 October 2014, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the 185th anniversary of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius. In August 1829, Charles Telfair and Julien Desjardins founded the “Société d’Histoire Naturelle”, which later became “The Arts and Sciences Society of Mauritius”. The Society is a forum where all inhabitants of Mauritius interested in arts and sciences could express themselves.

The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences was the first learned society to be formed in this part of the world and soon attracted the intelligentsia from the island. In 1847, in recognition of its work, Queen Victoria gave her assent to add the world Royal to the name of the society, since then, as “The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius”.

2014 - 140 anniv Royal society of arts

13 October 2014: 100 Years of Excellence in Education, Research and Outreach in Agriculture, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 13 October 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Faculty of Agriculture, which provided excellence in education, research and outreach in Agriculture. 

2014 13 Oct - 100 yrs excellence in Educ, research and outreach in Agric

The cover illustrates the Faculty’s stone building, located within the compound of the University of Mauritius at Réduit.

The Rs 10 stamp shows an orchid, from the Fauna and Flora issue of 2013. 

2 November 2014: Commemoration of the 180th Anniversary of the Arrival of Indentured Labourers in Mauritius, Special Commemorative Cover

On 2 November 2014, a Special Commemorative Cover was released to mark the 180th anniversary of the arrival of the first indentured labourers  in Mauritius. The landed in Port-Louis at Aapravasi Ghat, which in now inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The cover illustrates the 16 steps that were taken by the immigrants when then disembarked on the island in Port-Louis. 

2014-180th indentured lab

The stamp is a Rs. 100 stamp, featuring Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the first Prime Minister of Mauritius. 

9 November 2014: Rotary Club of Port-Louis, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 9 November 2014 to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Rotary Club of Port-Louis. The first Rotary Club was established in Chicago, US on 23 February 1905 by Paul Harris, a lawyer and 3 business associates of different professions. The name ROTARY comes from the practice of rotating meetings between various members’ places of business.

On 1st April 1961 a first attempt to create Rotary Club in Mauritius was made by 5 Rotarians from South Africa, led by Louis Keyzer. On 8 April 1964, Louis Espitalier-Noel and Maxime Seriès initiated 2 simultaneous but separate initiatives. Both groups joined hands. Regular meetings started from 13 May 1964. On 9 Nov 1964, the Rotary Club of Port-Louis was admitted to the Rotary International.

2014 9 Nov - Rotary club P.Louis Golden Jubilee

30 November 2014: 160th Anniversary of the Anglican Diocese of Paris, Special Commemorative Cover

On 30 November 2014, the Anglican Church of Mauritius celebrated the 160th Anniversary of its Diocese, though it was introduced with the arrival of the British in Mauritius in 1810. A Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the event. The Diocese of Mauritius was established on 30 November 1854 with the installation of the first Bishop, William Vincent Ryan. Churches which were build across the island were often associated with a school where religions teaching was provided in a language understood by the local population.

The Diocese was instrumental in the setting up of the first co-educational secondary school in Mauritius, when St Andrews School was started in Vacoas in the very building that serve today as the administrative headquarters. After the cyclones of 1960, all Anglican primary schools were returned to Government. 

2014 - 160ans diocese anglican

27 December 2014: Season’s Greetings from the Dodo Philatelic Society, Private Cover

2014 - Seanons greetings from DPS

Stamps of the Year 2015

8 March 2015: Celebrating International Women’s Day, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 8 March 2015 to celebrate the International Women’s Day, proclaimed by the UN in 1975, and resulted in an era of advocacy for women’s rights.

2015 8 March - International Women's Day

The Rs. 10 shows an orchid, from the Fauna and Flora series of 2013. The cover marks the 40 years of gender equality advocacy with the motto “Gender Equality is my Motto”. This cover was issued in partnership with the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare. 

21 May 2015: Brand Magic Summit, Mauritius

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 18.25.30

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on the occasion of the Brand Magic Summit, held in Mauritius on 21 May 2015.

The Brand Magic Summit is an event on Branding held annually in Mauritius. It brings together brand marketers to discuss, debate and discover what makes Brands resilient and last. The event ends with the Top 10 Brands of Mauritius Awards.

(A special thanks to the Brand Magic Summit for the kind donation of this cover).

9 June 2015: 3rd Reprint of the Rs. 7 Bremeria landia stamp, from the “Indigenous Flowers of Mauritius” definitive issue of 2009

2009 - Reprint Rs.7 flower

20 June 2015: Centenary Jubilee of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Mauritius

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 18.25.57

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 20 June 2015. The Muslim Ahmadiyya community was founded under the Divine direction of the Promised Mahdi, Imam Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad on 23 March 1889 in a small village called Qadian in Punjab in India. After his death, the community, under the Khilafat system, spread to over 200 territories and countries in the world.

The community was established in Mauritius through the magazine Review of Religions in 1907. On 15 June 1915, the first missionary came to Mauritius from Qadian, India at the request of many believers. 

The first mosque was set up in Rose-Hill in 1923 – it is pictured on the cover. It is known as Darus Salaam. Today, the community is present in many parts of the island.

(A special thanks to the Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Mauritius for the kind donation of this enveloppe).

29 June 2015: Disaster Risk Reduction, Official First Day Cover

A stamp was issued on 29 June 2015 on the theme “Disaster Risk Reduction”. As a small island, Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate. This unfortunately also includes exposure to frequent natural disasters namely cyclones and floods. This vulnerability has been exacerbated by the Climate Change phenomenon, which has brought new extreme climate conditions, such as rise in sea level, flash floods, with related damage to the environment. 

2015 29 June - Disaster Risk Reduction

The Rs. 17 stamp clearly illustrates the extent of the floods which occurred on 30 March 2013 and the measures taken to mitigate risks of flooding in an affected area (Canal Dayot). The cover shows Macondé, a coastal road that is regularly affected by floods during the rainy season. 

1 August 2015: 9e Jeux des Iles de l’Océan Indien, Official First Day Cover

A Rs. 9 stamp was issued to mark the 9e Indian Ocean Games, held in Reunion Island in 2015. The games are a multi-sport event held every 4 years among athletes from Indian Ocean islands. The games were adopted by the International Olympic Committee in 1976 and currently gather the islands of Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles and Reunion. The 14 sports disciplines taking part in the 2015 Games include athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling, football, handball, judo, swimming, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, weightlifting and yachting.

2015 1 Aug - 9e Jeux des iles de l'OI

25 September 2015: 35th Anniversary of Orchid Society of Mauritius, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 25 September 2015 marked the 35th anniversary of the Orchid Society of Mauritius, founded in 1980 by a small group of orchis enthusiastic. The main goal is to promote orchid culture. Both the cover and the Rs. 10 stamp depicts an endemic orchid variety of Mauritius. 

2015 25 Sep - 35th anniv Orchid Society

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015), Presentation Pack (Mauritius)

2015 PResentation pack

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015), Official First Day Cover

To commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius 1715. Acting on behalf of the French East India Company, which as already in Bourbon Island, Guillaume Dufresne d’Arcel on board the ship “Le Chasseur” landed at Mauritius Island on 27 August 1715. They took possession of the island on behalf of the King of France on 20 September 1715 and renamed Isle de France.

The first settlers arrived from Bourbon Island in 1721 and from France in April 1722. The development of island took off with under the leadership of the Governor Mahe de Labourdonnais as from 1735. Port-Louis became the capital and a supply harbour for the French Navy. french rule ended in 1810 when they gave up their rights to the British, who stayed until independence in 1968. 

2015 25 Sep - 300e anniv debarquement francais OFC

The cover illustrates the environment that Dufresne D’Arsel probably found upon landing at Baie des Moluques. The Rs. 17 stamp illustrates a ship. 

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015), Joint Commemorative Issue

A joint first day cover was issued by Mauritius and France to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the French Landing on 1715. Both countries issued the same stamp in their respective currencies. 

2015 25 Sep - 300e annv debarquement francais emission coinjointe

The Cover shows the maps and flags of France and Mauritius and a ship.

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015) – Booklet (France)

A leaflet was published in France to mark the 300e anniversary of French landing in Mauritius in 1715. It was published by the “collection historique du Timbre-Poste Francais. 

2015 25 Sep - 300e anniv debarquement Francais_livret_1

The 4 page-booklet (subsequent pages are shown below) includes the 2 postages stamps issued by Mauritius and France.

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015) – Booklet (inside page 1)

2015 25 Sep - 300e anniv debarquement francais livret_2

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015) – Booklet (inside page 2)

2015 25 Sep - 300e anniv debarquement francais livret_3

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015) – Small Booklet (Recto)

A ‘pochette philatelique” was issued in France to commemorate the 300e anniversary of French Landing in Mauritius. The “pochette” illustrates an oil painting of Mahe de Labourdonnais; a watercolour painting of dodos on the island; Engravings representing views of St Malo from where the sailors left for Mauritius; a view of Port-Louis respectively. 

2015 25 Sep - 300e annv debarquement francais_petit carton

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015) – Small Booklet (Verso)

2015 25 Sep - 300e anniv debarquement francais petit carton_2

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015) – Special Enveloppe

Two special envelopes were issued jointly by Mauritius and France – this cover portraits the harbour of St Malo, from where Guillaume Dufresne D’Arcel left to take possession of Ile de France

(i) 300th anniversary of French landing, cover I2015 25 Sep - 300e anniv debarquement francais SC_2

(ii) 300th anniversary of French landing, cover II 

2015 25 Sep - 300e anniv debarquement francais SC_1

25 September 2015: 300th Anniversary of the French Landing in Mauritius (1715 – 2015) – Postcards

Two post cards were specially issued to commemorate the 300th anniversary of French landing. The first postcard represents a map of Mauritius, and the second one represents the Port of St. Malo, from where Guillaume Dufresne d’Arcel left to take possession of Isle de France.

2015 25 Sep - 300e anniv debarquement francais postcards

8 October 2015: The 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement, Celebrating 100 years of impact

The JCI movement started in 1915 by one active citizen. Henry Giessenbier Jr. believed that positive change could be created by individuals taking action to create impact in their own community. That belief grew to more people, spread to more communities around the globe and is what connects hundreds of thousands of active citizens worldwide today. What started with one civic-minded person, now unites young people as a global network in their efforts to create sustainable impact. Through projects in more than 5,000 communities across more than 100 countries, members seek targeted solutions to local communities, creating a global impact.

2015 - 100ans JCI

27 November 2015: Commemoration of the 1st Anniversary of the Inscription of Sega Tipik on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Special Commemorative Cover

On 27 November 2015, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the 1st Anniversary of the Inscription of Sega Tipik on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Born within the Creole community, Sega Tipik is a musical and dance expression that serves as a symbol of Mauritian identity. Mauritian Sega is a unique performing art encompassing music, song and dance.

The traditional sega arose in the 18th century when African cultures, converged in the context slavery, providing Mauritius’ enslaved people a measure of freedom and self-expression. Some main elements charactering Sega Tipik includes the dance, the music, the lyrics, but also the instruments, the context and the language. The ensemble of the 3 traditional instruments: ravann (a frame drum), maravann (a rattle) and triyang (the triangle), are at the basis of the Sega Tipik. Lyrics are sometimes improvised by a soloist in Mauritian Creole language. 

2015 27 Nov - 1st yrs Sega tipik UNESCO

7 December 2015: 200 Years of the National Archives, Official First Day Cover

On 7 December 2015, a Rs 10 stamp was issued to commemorative the 200 years of the National archives, one of the oldest institutions in the Souther Hemisphere. Its origin dates back to 1721 and its official operation as an institution was proclaimed in 1815 by the British administration. The National Archives of Mauritius, besides being the main repository for housing records of national significance, is the guardian of such records and guarantees their authenticity.

Its principal functions are to select, preserve and make accessible public records as reliable source of evidence for historical, legal, financial, administrative, cultural, genealogical and other purposes. The holdings of the National Archives can be traced as far back as the beginning of Dutch settlement in 1598 and now amount to more than 150,000 volumes both in manuscript and printed format. The National Archives operated under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture.

2015 5 Dec - 200 yrs national archives

Stamps of the Year 2016

9 May 2016: Together for Sustainable Development, Official First Day Cover

On 9th May 2016 a Rs 27 stamp was issued to mark the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the United Nations on 25 September 2015. This agenda, with its 17 goals (pictured on the cover). This agenda is a call for global action for the people, prosperity and the planet and also calls for peace and justice and for a renewed global partnership to guide development actions in the next 15 years to eradicate and advance human development, while respecting the natural boundaries of our planet. 

2016 9 May _ SDGs

24 May 2016: 2nd Reprint of the Rs. 8 Distephanus populifolius and Rs. 25 Roussea simplex stamps (from the “Indigenous Flowers of Mauritius Definitive issue of 2009), Special Souvenir Cover

2016 - 2eme reprint flowers

31 May 2016: 1st Reprint of the Rs. 3 Myonima obovata stamp (from the “Indigenous Flowers of Mauritius Definitive issue of 2009), Special Souvenir Cover)

2016 - reprint flowers Rs.3

6 June 2016: Freshwater Fauna, Official First Day Cover

A set of four postage stamps was issued on the theme “Freshwater Fauna” on 6 June 2016.

2016 6 June - Freshwater Fauna

The 4 stamps denominations are:

  1. Re. 1 depicts a giant mottled eel (anguille), which has a robust body with a compressed rear part. It has a yellowish to olive or brown, mottled with dark greenish brown back with a lighter colouration belly. This species is native to Mauritius and is also found in Madagascar, Reunion and Seychelles. It commonly dwells in rivers and lakes;
  2. Rs. 10 is a water scorpion, a species commonwealth found in streams, ponds, basins etc. where it has been observed to prey on mosquito larvae and other aquatic animals. They live in shallow, muddy water. They swim slowly, often crawling on objects in the water;
  3. Rs. 18 stamp is a nile tilapia is native to Africa and the Middle East. The fish has a distinctive, regular, vertical stripes extending as far down the body as the bottom edge of the caudal fin, with variable coloration. Mauritius has a red tilapia hybrid locally known as berri rouge;
  4. Rs. 32 is a freshwater shrimp, also known as ‘camaron’ a species has dark red-violet scales and long pincers. It is native to Mauritius and is now uncommon due to overfishing and pollution. 

1 July 2016: 10th Anniversary of the Mauritius Revenue Authority

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 18.25.19

On 1 July 2016, the Mauritius Revenue Authority celebrated its 10th anniversary.

13 July 2016: Maritime Air Squadron, Official First Day Cover

The Maritime Air Squadron was commissioned 17 July 1990 by Hon. Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo, the then Governor of Mauritius. The new Dornier aircraft, MPCG4 will be the 4th fixed wing aircraft to join the squadron. The aircraft is state-of-the-art fitted with latest Maritime Patrol Radar, Forward Looking Infra Red Camera (FLIR), GPS, AIS and Communication equipment.

The aircraft offers outstanding field of view and comfortable environment which substantially reduces the crew fatigue and workload, thus ensuring that a high level of vigilance is maintained throughout EEZ and SAR missions. The crew comprising of Cdr Sunil Joy Chungath, Commanding Officer, Comdt (JG) Abishek Saxena and Comdt Mahavir Singh have extensively test flown the aircraft at HAL, Kanpur, India, prior to ferrying it to Mauritius.

2016 13 July - Commissioning Ceremony Air Squadron

A Rs. 11 stamp was issued on 13 July 2016 to mark the 40th  anniversary of the Maritime Air Squadron.

13 July 2016: Commissioning of the New Dornier MPCG4 – Private Cover

2016 Commissioning of new dornier

10 August 2016: Birth Bicentenary of Joseph Osmond Barnard, Private cover

Born on 10 August 1816 In Portsmouth, Britain, Joseph Osmond Barnard was a miniature painter and engraver who engraved the rare Mauritius “Post Office” stamps. He died in Mauritius on 30 May 1865. A private cover was issued to mark the bicentenary anniversary of his birth.

2016 - bicentenary of Barnard

16 August 2016: Games of the XXXI Olympiad, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 5 – 21 August 2016, Private Cover

A private cover was made to make the beginning of the 31st Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 5 – 21 August 2016.

2016 - Rio games

16 August 2016: 2nd closure of Octopus Fishing in Mauritius, 15 August – 15 October 2016, Private Cover

To promote sustainable fishing practices, a national awareness programme was launched in Support of the First Temporary Octopus Fisheries Closure in Mauritius. In 2015, the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries, Shipping and Outer Islands set up a pilot project in the south part of the country in partnership with SmartFish, local NGOs and UNDP’s GEF Small Grant Programme. 

The octopus has a rapid life cycle (18 months on average) and can double its weight in only two months. A female octopus lays hundreds of thousands of eggs and dies about a month afterwards. The seasonal two-month closure of octopus fishing not only allows for exponential individual growth, but also for enough females to lay eggs for the overall population to recover. From August to October 2015, in sync with Rodrigues, Mauritius enacted a voluntary octopus fishing closure along the southern coast. A private cover was issued to mark this event.

2016 - 2eme closure of octopus fishing

25 August 2016: Port-Louis, 50 years of a City, Private Cover

A private cover was done to mark the 50th anniversary of the City of Port-Louis. 

2016 - 50 ans city of port louis

5 September 2016: Canonisation of Mother Teresa on 4th September 2016

On 5th September 2016, a private cover was issued to commemorate the canonisation of Mother Teresa, Mother Teresa, known, an emblematic figure of womanhood and “tireless worker of mercy, was canonised by Pope Francis on 4 September 2016 on St Peter’s Square, Vatican City. 

2016 - Mother Teresa

14 September 2016: 175th Anniversary of the Arrival of Father Laval in Mauritius, Private Cover

Père Laval was born on the 18th of September 1803 in the small village of Croth or Cro near the diocese of Chartres. In 1841 he accepted the mission of the evangelization of the blacks in Mauritius. He found, on his arrival, that the religious side of the life of the inhabitants was sorely neglected. Particularly the blacks suffered the grossest neglect.

He is known as the “Apostle of Mauritius” due to his tireless work in aiding the poor and ill. Laval also educated the flock he was assigned to for those people were uneducated and were former slaves for the most part. He died in Mauritius on 9th September 1864.The date of Father Laval’s death has become an annual pilgrimage, marked with a procession to the site of his tomb. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1979. A private cover was released to mark the 175th anniversary of his arrival.

2016 - Pere Laval

15 September 2016: Nature Walk, Official First Day Cover

A set of 2 postage stamps were issued on 15 September 2016 on the theme “Nature Walk”. The Forestry Services under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro-Industry & Food Security has created three Nature Walks namely: (a) Powder Mills Nature Walk at Pamplemousses; (b) Mon Vert Nature Walk at Forest Side; and (c) Sophie Nature at Plaine Sophie. The Nature Walks were created with a view to provide forest leisure and recreation facilities to locals and tourists. It also provides the opportunity to learn and appreciate the rich and native biodiversity of Mauritius, their value to society and the need for conservation and protection of fragile ecosystem.

2016 15 Sep - Nature walk

The stamps feature the following:

  1. The Rs. 2 stamp shows the Powder Mills Nature Walk, inaugurated on 17 May 2007,  located at Pamplemousses near Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital. It covers an extent of 60 Ha. of State forest land and occupies a Visitor’s Interpretation Centre, a native plant garden and a medicinal plant garden. A network of 3km trail with pathways, kiosks, picnic areas have been created. The site is also crossed by a river. The forest area is under plantation of high timber species like Mahogany, Teak, Araucaria, amongst others. It is on one of the few remaining forested areas in the northern part of the island and has ancient monuments and buildings including remnants of slave camps;
  2. Rs. 20 stamp represents Sophie Nature Park at Plaine Sophie, near Mare aux Vacoas Reservoir. It covers an extent about 10 Ha. of State forest land, which comprises of pine plantation managed for ecosystem services for soil and water conservation. The region was previously covered by dense native forest of upland vegetation. The Park was inaugurated on 1 Aug. 2013 and has a network of 3 km trails and pathways, created across the forest to ease access into the forest, rich in native flora and fauna. 

18 October 2016: Freshwater Flora, Official First Day Cover

A set of 4 postage stamps was issued on 18 October 2016 on the theme “Freshwater Flora”.

2016 18 Oct - Freshwater Flora

The stamps show the following:

  1. Rs. 11 stamp is water hyssop (Bacopa monniera). This small perennial herb is a native species to the Mascarenes and is widely distributed on the tropic and sub-tropics. It is usually found on marshes of brackish water around the coastal area. It is quite ramified, with roots appearing on the nodes of the branches, the leaves are relatively fleshy. The solitary flowers are white, but sometimes it can have a tinge of purple. This species is used in the Aryurvedic medicine;
  2. The Rs. 13 stamp is a Mexican primerose-willow, commonly known ad “Herbes les Mares”, “Herbe Gandia” or “Herbe Josephine” in Mauritius. This species is probably native to all three islands of the Mascarenes and plants can be found on wet, marshes and along rivers or paths. Usually it is a small plant, but some old plants can exceptionally reach up to 4 m high. Its leaves are covered with small hairs. It is also considered as a medicinal plant in Mauritius;
  3. Rs. 16 and Rs. 31 stamps represent sacred lotus or Indian lotus. Originating from India, this plant is an aquatic perennial with large showy flowers. It is often considered to be water lilies. This lotus is considered to be a sacred plant by Hindus and Buddhists and associated with many divinities. It is edible and its stems, leaves and seeds can be eaten raw, cooked or as flour. Cultivars of different colours were introduced in Mauritius in the 18th Century. They can easily be seen at the SSR Botanical Garden, Pamplemousses.

14 November 2016: World Diabetes Day, Official First Day Cover

A postage stamp was issued on 14th November 2016 to mark World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is a chronic disease which occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body cannot effectively use insulin produced. There are 2 types of diabetes: Type 1 (juvenile or insulin dependent diabetes) and Type 2 (adult onset or non-insulin dependent diabetes).  

The objective of this World Diabetes Day is to sensitise people about diabetes, its risk factors, the heath complications it bring about and how to prevent and control it. 14th of November also marks the birth date of Sir Frederick Banting, who together with Charles Best, discovered insulin and used it on human beings for the first time. The specific theme for 2016 was “Eyes on Diabetes” and activities focused on promoting the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. 70% of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by adopting a health lifestyle. 

2016 14 Nov - World Diabetes Day

19 November 2016: Mgr. Maurice E. Piat créé Cardinal le 19 novembre 2016, Private Cover

A commemorative private cover was issued to mark the elevation of Bishop Maurice Piat to rank of Cardinal by Pope Francis on 19 November 2016. Cardinal Piat is the second Cardinal in the history of Mauritius, after Cardinal Jean Margeot. 

2016 - Cardinal Piat

20 December 2016: Celebrating 50 years of the Duke of Edinburg’s International Award

On 20 December 2016, a Special Commemorative Cover was released to mark the 50 years of the Duke of Edinburg Award. The Award programme, founded by HRM Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg in 1956, was first introduced in Mauritius in 1966. It is considered as a world leading youth achievement award and is run in 140 countries and territories across the world.

The Programme has 4 sections – service, skills, physical recreation and adventurous journey and an additional section at Gold level, which is a residential project. The minimum period to complete Bronze level is 6 months, 12 months for silver and 18 months for gold. 

2016 - 50 yrs duke of edinburg awards

Stamps of the Year 2017

12 March 2017: 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius, Official First Day Cover

A Postage Stamp was issued to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius. Mauritius gained independence from the British in 1968 and acceded to the status of Republic on 12 March 1992.

2017 - 12 March 25 Anniv Republic of Mauritius

The Rs 25 stamp and the main image on the centre of the cover represent the Coat of Arms, which is the Armorial Ensigns for Mauritius. It is composed of a Dodo Bird and a Sambur Deer supporting sugar cane and a shield divided in four sections. On the ribbon below, the motto “Stella Clavisque Maris Indici (meaning Star and Key of the Indian Ocean) is displayed in Latin. The four stripes at the bottom of the stamp represents the four colours –  red, blue, yellow and green – of the National Flag of Mauritius.

15 April 2017: Celebration of the 45th Anniversary of China-Mauritius Diplomatic Relations, Special Covers

Four commemorative covers were issued for the 45th Anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Mauritius. In January 2017, the renown Chinese artist Mr Du Benji visited Mauritius and produced a large number of calligraphy and painting works. The Commemorative covers with Mr Du’s artwork elements are specially issued on this occasion. Each cover feature 1 Mauritian stamp and 2 Chinese stamps.

(i) Celebrating 45th anniversary of China-Mauritius relations, Cover I

2017 15 April - 45th Anniv China - Mauritius relations_2

(ii) Celebrating 45th anniversary of China-Mauritius relations, Cover II

2017 15 April - 45th Anniv China Mauritius relations_3

(iii) Celebrating 45th anniversary of China-Mauritius relations, Cover III

2017 15 April - 45th Anniv China Mauritius relations_4

(iv) Celebrating 45th anniversary of China-Mauritius relations, Cover IV 

2017 15 April - 45th Anniv China Mauritus relations_1

14 July 2017: Air Mauritius, 50 Years of History, Special Commemorative Cover

On 14 July 2017, a special commemorative cover was issued to mark the 50th anniversary of Air Mauritius.

2017 ir Mauritius

The Rs. 50 stamp represents the hibiscus flower. On 14th June 1967, Air Mauritius, our national airline was incorporated, a few months before Mauritius became independent. Its mission is to bridge the country to the world, and to accompany its social and economic development.

Today, Air Mauritius is one of the largest Mauritian companies, with over 3,000 employees. It covers 25 direct destinations and serve more than 100 others, through various hubs, on 4 continents. 

17 July 2017: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Bicentenary Celebration (1817 – 2017), Special Commemorative Cover

A special commemorative cover was issued on 17 July 2017 to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Sir Syed Khan. The special cover was ordered by Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association (Mauritius). 

2017 Ahmad Khan bicentenary

The stamp is a Rs. 2 one, featuring a nature walk. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was an Indian Muslim pragmatic, an islamic reformist and a philosopher, born in British India in the 19th Century. Born into a family with strong ties with Mughal court, Syed studied the Quran and sciences within the court and later studied law from the University of Edinburgh. Sir Syed maintains a strong legacy in Pakistan and Indian Muslims, and is often described as the founder of the two-nation theory, the ideological foundation of the Pakistan Movement. 

20 July 2017: 175th Anniversary of Kwan Tee Pagoda, Official First Day Cover

An official first day cover, with a Rs. 10 postage stamp was issued on 20 July 2017 to mark the 175th anniversary of Kwan Tee Pagoda, founded by Log Choisanne. It was inaugurated on 29th January 1842 and is the oldest Chinese Temple in the southern hemisphere and on the African continent. The building was first used by Chinese immigrants until they found work and a place to live.

The veranda, a typical Mauritian style of the time, was to protect from the harsh wind coming from the sea which was right in front of the gate. The iron handrails symbolised the spear weapon used by the soldiers in the time of Guan Yu, god of War and protector of traders.

Later, it was dedicated to the Cult of Guan Di, where all the Mauritian Chinese could come to worship and extensions were done at the rear and sides in 1866 and 1869 respectively. Unfortunately, the veranda was destroyed during cyclone Carol in 1960 and replaced by a concrete veranda. Renovation of the building started in 2006 and was awarded the Medal of the City of Port Louis on August 2016 and the monument is listed as a National Heritage.

2017 Kwan Tee Pagoda

The stamp illustrates the new Kwan Tee Pagoda after renovation of the old building. The illustration on the Cover depicts the old Pagoda.

1 August 2017: Celebrating 250 Years of the Mauritius Police Force, Official First Day Cover

On 1 August 2017, an official first day cover was released to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Mauritius Police Force. The journey has been long and demanding and the ventures have been on-going against all changing tides over the years. Over two and a half centuries, the MPF worked to preserve law and order in the country and to protect the population. The MPF has transformed itself from foot solders to a strength of a 13,000 personnel with self-sustained paramilitary force, such as the Special Mobile Force, the Special Support Unit, the National Coast Guard and the Police Helicopter Squadron.

2017 MPF

The Rs. 25 stamp depicts the logo of the Mauritius Police Force.

19 August 2017: Celebrating the World Photography Day

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 18.24.46

A special Commemorative Cover was issued on 19 August 2017 by the Cercle des Artistes Photographes (CAP) on the World Photography Day.

The CAP is the only official photographic association in Mauritius. It was founded on 1 April 1979 under the name “Association de l’Art Photographique de l’Ile Maurice”. The current name was adopted in 1990.

(A special thanks for this cover, a courtesy of the Cercle des Artistes Photographes, P.O Box 1051, Port-Louis, Mauritius)

6 September 2017: Golden Jubilee of the Bank of Mauritius

On 6 September 2017, Mauritius Post issued an Official First Day Cover to mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Bank of Mauritius.


A unique Rs. 27 stamp, featuring the first Governor of the Bank of Mauritius , Mr Aunauth Beejadhur, was issued. The cover shows also the BoM building, situated in Sir William Newton Street, Port-Louis. Prior to the creation of the BoM, the Board of the Commissioners of Currency was responsible for the issue of currency in Mauritius. It was established in 1849 and put an end to the practice of ‘free banking’ that had prevailed all throughout the 18th Century. An Order of the Council prescribed the Mauritian Rupee as legal tender as from 1876. The Bank of Mauritius replaced the Board, and was officially inaugurated by the then Governor of Mauritius, Sir John Shaw Rennie, on 1 September 1967. The primary objective of the BoM is to maintain price stability and to promote orderly and balanced economic development. It also regulated credit and currency to ensure the stability of the financial system. 

11 September 2017: Renaming of Port-Louis S.S.S (Girls) to A.H.G.M Issac S.S.S, Special Commemorative Cover

On 11 September 2017, a special cover was issued to commemorate the 107th birth anniversary of Abdul Hamid Goolam Mohamed Issac (Gora Issac). On that occasion, the  Port-Louis State Secondary School was renamed in his honour.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.47.46

Gorah Issac was born on 11 September 1910. He was educated as a journalist and held several positions, namely as a teacher, college principal, municipal councillor and member of the Board Film Censors. He was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly between 1959 and 1963. He passed away on 29 April 1972.

17 September 2017: Birth Centenary of Serge Constantin (1917 – 2017)

On 28 September 2017, an Official First Day Cover was issued by Mauritius post to celebrate the birth Centenary of Serge Constantin, an artist, painter and stage designer, who has left his footprint on the 20th century Mauritian cultural life, through his works in stage design and plastic art. Serge Constantin worked for 48 years as a stage designer at Plaza Theater in Rose-Hill and was one of the fine intellectuals, belonging to the circle that included amongst others, Malcom de Chazal, Hervé Masson, Marcel Cabon and Pierre Renaud. He also transmitted his passion for art to generations of students. A website was launched to encourage people to discover his life and works (https://www.sergeconstantin.com/).

2017 constantin

The Rs. 18 stamp illustrates one of his paintings, representing night fall in Belle Etoile, where he lived. The cover shows another of his landscape painting, and his portrait, on the bottom left. 

17 October 2017: Sea Shells

On 9 October 2017, an Official first Day Cover and a miniature sheet were released on the theme Sea Shells, featuring some of the treasures of the Mauritian marine life.

2017 seashell FDC

The set comprises of:

  1. Rs. 3 stamp, showing the conus, which possesses a brightly coloured shell in the form of an inverted cone. Following internal fertilisation, clusters of eggs are released and attach on a hard surface in a capsule, where they mature into the larval stage. After incubation, they break from the capsule. The conus can be found in deep or shallow regions, living on sand or among rocks or coral reefs;
  2. Rs. 4 stamp, showing a Cypraea, which has a solid, thick, heavy and glossy shell of while or pale reddish-brown, with large brown spots. It is usually found under coral or boulders, or on sandy bottoms in shallow and deep water;
  3. Rs. 23 stamp, illustrating the Janthina janthina, a coral which has an almost smooth, thin, delicate violet shell, paler on the upper surface. It is born male but develops into female over time. It has a pelagic snail; and
  4. Rs. 33 stamp, showing the Pleuroplaca, which has an elongated, solid and heavy golden brown shell, often covered with fine brown spiral lines. It is usually seen on seagrass beds or sandy bottoms in shallow or deep water.

Miniature sheet released together with the First Day Cover

sheet corals

The Dodo Philatelic Society released 3 private covers on the occasion of the World Post Day Stamp Exhibition, which took place at the Postal Museum in Port-Louis from 9 – 14 October 2017.

2017 - DPS shells32017 - DPS shells2

2017 - DPS shells1

21 October 2017: 300th Anniversary of United Grand Lodge of England and 140th Anniversary of the Lodge of Friendship NO 1696 E.C

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 18.26.03

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 21 October 2017 to mark the 300th Anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England, which brought together in 1717 four London Lodges at the Goose and Gridiron Tavern in St Paul’s Churchyard. 

On 11 October 1977, the Lodge of Friendship No 1696 EC was consecrated under the jurisdiction of the United Lodge of England.

1 December 2017: St Joseph College Celebrating 140 years: 1877 – 2018

A Special Commemorative Cover was released on 1st December 2017 to mark the 140th anniversary of St Joseph College. St Joseph College is located at Commerford Street in Curepipe. It was founded in 1877 by the Congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Brother Vinoch, born Joseph Eminet was the first Director. He was supported in his tasks by Brothers Lazare Marie and Louis Marie, amongst others.

The college welcomed on board less than 10 pupils during the first term, a situation considered as problematic. The Superiors therefore decided to close down the college. Brother Vinoch however continued relentlessly his efforts to save the college. His efforts were duly rewarded as the college had more and more students over the years. 140 years on, St Joseph College is highly valued by Mauritian students of all faiths and social backgrounds. The values bequeathed by the Brothers are still nurtured by the school.

2017 - 140ans St Joseph

11 December 2017: Republic of Mauritius – Chagos Archipelagos, Tromelin, Maritime zones

On 11 December 2017, an Official First Day Cover was released with a set of 3 postage stamps, showing islands of Mauritius and its Maritime Zones. 

2017 - Islands of Mauritius

The three stamps feature the following:

  1. Re. 1 stamp shows the Chagos Archipelago, which is located approximately 2,200 kms north east of Mauritius and comprises some 58 islands, for a total of 60 km2. The largest islands are Diego Garcia, Peros Banhos and Salomon Islands. The Chagos Archipelagos is claimed by the British as part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), while Mauritius claims full sovereignty over the territory. The island today hosts a large US military base.
  2. The Rs. 25 stamp shows the small island of Tromelin (0.73 km2 only), located about 580 kms north-west of Mauritius. Like for the Chagos Archipelago, Tromelin is administered by French Overseas Territory, while Mauritius claims full sovereignty over the island. In 2010, France and Mauritius signed a joint management agreement, but this was never implemented by the French authorities due to political resistance.
  3. The Rs. 18 stamp shows the maritme zones of Mauritius, comprising the island of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega, Tromelin, Chagos Archipelago and Cargados Carajos (St. Brandon). With a total of over 2.2 million square kilometers, Mauritius has one of the largest maritime zones in the world.

The private covers below illustrate the geographical locations of Tromelin island and Chagos Archipelagos, respectively.

2017 - DPS Islands of Mauritius_1

2017 - DPS Islands of Mauritius_2

21 December 2017: 1772 – 2017: 245 years of Postal services in Mauritius, Special commemorative cover

On 21 December 2017, a Special Commemorative Cover was released to mark 245 years of Mauritius Postal Services history. Already in 1772, during the french colonisation period, a postal service was introduced for the first time in Isle de France. It operated in the building that housed the “Imprimerie Royale” in Port-Louis. Mr. Pierre Nicolas Lambert, the King’s printer and founder of the first newspaper was appointed as “le directeur de la poste”. He had 1 clerk and 8 messengers to serve various areas of the island, where a few letters were distributed together with newspapers.

In December 1810, when the British took possession of the island, there was a rudimentary overseas service and the inland mail service was non existent. As from 1811, under the governorship of Sir Robert Farqhuar and Sir William Gomm and with the introduction of the railway, there were numerous reforms and postal services expanded through the island. Post offices were opened nearly at all railway stations. Mauritius became the 2nd British colony and the 5th country in the world (after Britain in 1840; Brazil and Switzerland in 1843; and USA in 1847) to introduce postage stamps in 1847.

2017 - 245 yrs postal services

20 December 2017: 200 years of Curepipe and 100 years of Carnegie Library

On 20 December 2017, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued to celebrate the 200 years of the town of Curepipe and the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Library. The town’s name is said to have originated from the French expression “curer sa pipe”, as 19th century travellers from Grand Port on their way to Port Louis, would stop over in the town, to rest, clean and refill their pipes. Over the years, Curepipe became a major town, hosting a church, a market, a train station all leading to fast urbanisation and industrial development. It became a town in 1889. In 1968 it became a municipality and the first major was Sir Gaetan Duval. The Carnegie Library was established in 1917 by Carnegie Corporation of New York. It is well know for its manuscripts, original letters from eminent personalities such as Mahé de Labourdonnais and Matthew Flinders and has a collection of old documents dating back to the 17th Century. 

2017 - 200 ans carnegie

Stamps of the Year 2018

12 March 2018: 50th Anniversary of Independence of Mauritius, Official First Day Cover

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of independence 0n 12 March 2018, a commemorative issue of 3 postage stamps was issued. The three stamps were a reminder of the past, a celebration of the present and an anticipation of the future of the country.

2018 - 50 Anniv indep FDC

The three stamps features the following:

  1. Re. 1 shows two pictures of Port-Louis harbour, showing the progress achieved by Mauritius over the last decades. 
  2. Rs. 6 shows the national anthem, written by the Mauritian poet Jean-Georges Prosper, with the music composed by the musician Philippe Gentil. It portrays the communion of two sensibilities where two minds and two hearts were brought together by their love for their homeland.
  3. Rs 13 illustrates the union of two hands above the national flag, whose colours reminds us of the components of the nation: red for the blood of its sons and daughters; blue for the serenity of the sky; yellow for the golden sand of the beaches and green for sugar cane fields. It is a symbol of unity.

2018 - 50 Anniv indep - MS

A souvenir sheet was also issued, with the National Parliament in the background, symbol of our democracy, solidly anchored in political processes since independence. 

30 May 2018: Anniversaries and Events, Official First Day Cover

On 30 May 2018, an official first day cover was released on the theme Anniversaries and Events by the Mauritius Post Ltd. It comprises of 3 stamps:

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.42.46

  1. Rs. 3 to mark Lions’ 50th year presence in Mauritius. In 1917, Melvyn Jones, a 38-year old Chicago business leader prompted by his personal code : “You can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else” founded Lions Club International. Hundred years later, Lions Club is the world’s largest international service club organization, with 1.35 million members in more than 46,000 clubs. The objective is to improve communities. In Mauritius, the first Lions Club was established in Port-Louis on 15 September 1967 and the Charter was hander over in June 1968. Today there are 11 clubs in Mauritius, which continue their action to help the most vulnerable and needy people of our society;
  2. Rs. 5 to mark the centenary of P. C. K Aryan Vedic Hindu Aided School: The school is run by the Arya Sabha Mauritius, and is located in Vacoas. It was founded by Pandit Cashinath Kistoe and his wife Rhadika on 1st August 1918 and was meant to provide free education to the poor children of the people of Indian origin. It started with only 10 pupils. Today, the school has over 1000 students and is opened to all Mauritians. It ranks among the best performing schools.
  3. Rs. 14 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Mauritian-Russian diplomatic relations. Over the years, both countries have maintained excellent diplomatic and political relations, and technical cooperation in the field of training. On that occasion, a Russian cultural week was successfully organised in Mauritius.

1 July 2018: 50th Anniversary of of Lions Club International, Special Commemorative Cover

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A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 1 July 2018 to mark the 50th Anniversary of Lions Club International in Mauritius. Le club was established to support social projects in favour of poor and vulnerable people in Mauritius. In particular, it helped in community development in several rural areas; in supporting young farmers through training and equipment; provision of health equipment for hospitals and in housing projects.

The Lions Club is present in 210 regions and countries worldwide, and has a network of 1.4 million people. It is the largest philantrophic organization in the world.

7 July 2018: International Day of Cooperatives, Special Commemorative Cover

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 14.37.49

On the occasion of the International Day of Cooperatives, a special commemorative cover was issued on 7 July 2018. It makes the 105th anniversary of the setting up of the cooperatives model in Mauritius, registered for the first time in 1913 in the sugarcane sector. Since then, it has emerged as a distinct stakeholder in the social and economic development, through the diversification of its activities in some 40 sector, including finance, fishing, transport, food crops or livestock. Today, it has a membership of over 120,000 people, regrouped in 1200 societies.

In its 105 years of existence, the cooperatives model has proven its strength and resilience, in response to various challenges on the economic and social fronts. It is playing a key role in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which has been used on the cover.

23 July 2018: Birthday Centenary of Nicolas Pike, Official First Day Cover

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 14.38.01

Nicolas Pike was a naturalist and Consul of the US in Mauritius from 1867 – 1873. Born at Newburport, Massachussets, on 26 January 1818, he had the intention, after his education to go into the Army but instead joined the private sector.

His passion for natural history helped him become the President of the Brooklyn Natural History Society in 1849. In 1852 he was appointed US Consul in Oporto in Portugal. There, he discovered the use of sulphur to cure a serious fungal disease on grapes and was rewarded by the Portuguese government.

In 1866 he was appointed US Consul in Mauritius. During his term, he did all he could to improve the living conditions of the crew of the US whaling vessels operating in the Indian Ocean. His love for natural history made him join the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius, and became an active member of the Executive Committee. He explored Mauritius, the outer islands and the Seychelles and gave numerous specimens he collected from every sphere of natural history (fauna, flora, sea life, geology) to the Society.

Pike published a number of articles and books on local natural history, which all contributed to increase the knowledge of natural history in Mauritius.

The Official First Day Cover depicts a photo of Nicolas Pike. The Rs. 33 stamp shows a butterfly fish, Pomacentrus pikei, named after him, which lives in the coral reefs around the island. The stamp impression on the Cover represents an outline of the extinct red rail, Aphanapteryx bonasia. This stamp is part of the theme Arts and Science.

23 July 2018: Inventor of Photography, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 14.38.11

The word photography is derived from Greek words that mean “light” and writing”. The word was invented by Sir John Frederick Herschel on 14 March 1834 in front of the Royal Society in Sommerset.

The world’s first photograph made with a Camera Obscura was taken in 1826 or 1827 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

In 1816, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was able to produce a negative image by putting sheets of silver salts coated paper into the back of the Camera Obscura. When these sheets get in contact with daylight they blacken. Niépce called this procedure and the final negatives Rettinas. But these negatives did not stop fading, and he was not able to fix them and they disappeared.

In 1822, he created a first non-fading negative contact print by utilizing a bitumen of Judea-coated glass plate. But this glass negative was later destroyed during an attempt to produce a positive image. After some more tries, his procedure was able to produce the famous First Photograph View from the Window at Le Gras in 1826 or 1827, bu utilizing a bitumen of Judea-coated pewter plate and improved lenses from the Paris optician Charles Chevalier. He called this procedure Heliography and the bitumen-coated pewter plate needed an exposure of eight or more hours.

In 1837, Louis Gaguerre created a sharp but one-use image in a few minutes. In 1839, William Henry Fox Talbot presented negative film and prints, still the basis for today’s photography.

The special cover has a Rs. 2 stamp denomination, which pictures the first photograph in black and white taken from a window at Le Gras. The photo of the inventor of photography, Niépce, is “en médaillon”. It is the second stamp of the theme Arts and Science.

28 July 2018: On the occasion of the visit of His Excellency, Mr. Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, Special Commemorative Cover

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 14.38.25

The Chinese President visited Mauritius in July 2018. On that occasion, a special commemorative cover was issued, with a Rs. 33 stamp illustrating the Chamarel coloured earth, painted by Mr. Du Benji, a famous Chinese calligrapher and painter, who donated paintings on Scenery of Mauritius to the Mauritius Post. Mr Du Benji offered calligraphies already in April 2017, when special commemorative covers were launched on the Celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Mauritius – China Relations. 

29 July 2018: Scenery of Mauritius, Official First Day Cover

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 14.37.25

An official first day cover was issued on 29 July 2018 on the theme Scenery of Mauritius. The cover depicts various scenic views of Mauritius, such as the lily bassin found at Pamplemousses Garden, the Black River Gorges National Park, a view of the mountain Pieter Both, the Grand River South East waterfall, Chamarel coloured earth, a geological curiosity and deers in their natural environment. 

The Rs. 33 stamp illustrated was exceptionally launched on the day before, on the occasion of the official visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The stamp is a reproduction of a painting of the Chamarel coloured earth, offered by a famous Chinese painter and calligrapher, Mr. Du Benji. Mr Du Benji is an artist with rich cultural deposits and is engaged in various arts, such as poetry, calligraphy, painting, seal cutting. He wrote march-in boards for 204 countries and regions at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, showing the charm of Chinese Calligraph, known as ‘world intangible cultural heritage’.

18 August 2018: Diplomatic Relations between Mauritius and India, Official First Day Cover

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 14.37.37

Diplomatic relations between Mauritius and India were established in 1948, soon after India’s independence and long before the independence of Mauritius. Mr. Dharam Yash Dev was appointed as the first Commissioner in September 1948. Following the independence of Mauritius, the representation was upgraded to High Commission.

The Mauritius High Commission was established around 1969/1970 in New Delhi. The first High Commissioner was Sir. Rabindranath Ghurburrun. 

The Cover pictures two stamps: One Rs. 8 showing the Mauritian and Indian flags, which refer to the historical, political, economic, social and cultural connections between the two countries. The Rs. 20 stamp illustrates the logo of the 11th World Hindi Conference, whose logo and website was launched jointly by Smt. Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister of India and Hon. Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research of Mauritius.

The logo is also represented on the cover. It shows number 11 (in reference to the 11th Conference) in Hindi which is represented by the national bird of India, the Peacock and the Mauritian Dodo. On both sides on Number 11, the colours of the flags of both countries are artistically represented. Waves are shown depicting the long term, deep connection regarding language and culture between India and Mauritius.

29 August 2018: Relocation of Mauritius Post Ltd. and launching of RIA Money Transfer by Mauritius Post, Special Commemorative Cover

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 14.38.33

The Post Office Headquarters has moved back from 3 Dumas Street, Port-Louis, to its historical area in which it has been located for the major part of its existence since 1772, at 1 Sir William Newton Str. Port Louis. 

This special cover also marks the appointment of Mauritius Post as the official representative of RIA Transfer Company, the third largest money transfer company in the world. RIA is present in over 150 countries.

The postal Money Order was introduced at the Post Office on the 1st September 1873 and remained, until the advent of the electronic banking system, the safest and quickest means to transfer money within the country and with the outside world. 

The photo on the cover shows the current location of MPL headquarters. The cover also illustrates the logos of the RIA money transfer and that of Mauritius Post. The stamp on the cover is a Rs. 13 stamp, of the series issued on 12th March 2018 to mark the 50th anniversary of the independence of Mauritius.

9 October 2018: Rescue and Life Saving, Official First Day Cover

On 9 October 2018, Mauritius Post Ltd issued an official first day cover on the theme Rescue and Life Saving. The Cover features two stamps.

The Rs. 3 stamps features St. John ambulance, introduced in Mauritius in 1947 by British soldiers posted in Mauritius. St. John Ambulance association operates as a charity. volunteers are involved in disaster preparedness, prevention programmes and other community work as life-saving. They disseminate First Aid knowledge and techniques. The Order of St John is one of the oldest Orders in the world. It can be traced back as far as year 603 when Pope Gregory I commissioned Ravennate Abbot Probus to build a hospital in Jerusalem to treat and care for Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land. The Symbol of St John is the Amalfi eight pointed cross.

The Rs. 13 stamp shows the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service (formerly known as Government Fire Services). The service’s mission is to protect life and property against fire destruction, give advice on fire prevention, render humanitarian services and provide support in rescue operations during national calamities and major accidents. There are currently 10 fire stations across the island and have 5 other units, namely (i) the aerial firefighting rescue unit; (ii) the High Angle rescue unit; (iii) the swift water rescue unit; (iv) the fire investigation unit; and (v) the enforcement unit.

12 November 2018: 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I, Official First Day Cover

On 11 November 2018, the world mark the centenary of the Armistice, ending the first World War. To mark the event, Mauritius Post Ltd issued an official FDC with a single Rs. 25 stamp. The stamp features a bronze monument, known as the “Monument aux Morts”, today found at the gates of the Royal College of Curepipe, and inaugurated on 15 April 1922, to perpetuate the remembrance of soldiers who lost their lives during the war.

The Armistice was signed in France in the morning of 11th November 2011 in the Marshal’s Foch staff wagon in the Compiegne Forest, by Admiral Wemyss, British representative; Matthias Erzberger, civil plenipotentiary representative of Germany; and Marshal Foch, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces and his chief of staff, General Weygand.

A total of 3000 Mauritians were engaged in the First World War, serving various allies armies, namely Britain, France, South Africa, Australia, India, Canada and the US.

In Mauritius, Sir Henry H. Bell, Governor of the time, informed the press that Armistice had been signed on that day. 


13 March 2019: Rescue and Life Saving, Official First Day Cover

On 13 March 2019, an official first day cover was released, with a single stamp denomination of Rs. 13. The stamp and the enveloppe show the police helicopter squadron, used for life saving in Mauritius.

Established in September 1974, the Police Helicopter Squadron has one Alouette III helicopter and a small nucleus of pilots and technicians. They were based at Plaisance International Airport, pending the construction of the new helicopter at Line Barracks in Port-Louis. In 1997, the Government purchased a Twin Engine Helicopter, the Fennec AS 555 SN. In 1991, a Helicopter Training School was set up, which has trained 12 pilots to date. In 2009, two additional helicopters were purchased and in 2016, India donated two more Chetaks.

25 March 2019: Birth Centenary of Gunnoo Gangaram, Special Commemorative Cover

On 25 March 2019, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued to mark the birth centenary of Hon. Gunnoo Gangaram. Hon. Gangaram is a political figure, who was born in the village of Casela.

He started his career as a nursing officer. During World War II, he was privileged to serve the Jew expatriates who had been given asylum in Mauritius. Later, je joined the Teachers Training College. He taught Maths, English and English Literature.

In 1953, he stood as a candidate for the General Elections in the constituency of Plaines Wilhems/ Black River. He was elected in 1959 ans 1967, and joined the Independent Forward Block.

He passed away in 2006.

30 April 2019: 50th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Mauritius, Official First Day Cover

This official first day cover, released on 30th April 2019 commemorates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Mauritius, which started after independence. The cover illustrates both countries’ flags.

The stamp denomination of Rs. 13 portrays the S-Doppler Solid State Radar installed at Trou aux Cerfs, Curepipe.

The first historical relation between Mauritius and Japan started around the 19th Century with the visit of Mauritius by Japanese travellers. The early Japanese records indicated interests in the Mauritius Flora, fauna or even the famous Blue Penny stamps. The relationship between the two countries was established soon after independence. Development Cooperation is an essential pillar of bilateral cooperation in sectors such as economic infrastructure, fisheries and social welfare.

15 May 2019: International Day of Families, Official First Day Cover

Following the proclamation of the UN General Assembly Resolution 1993, the 15th May is observed as the International Families Day. The day depicts the significance of families as elemental units of humanity and provides a chance for Governments, organizations and individuals to encourage knowledge of the needs and aspirations of families. It intends at promoting impartiality, bringing forth fuller sharing of households responsibilities and service opportunities.

To mark the international day of families, Mauritius post released an official first day cover on 15 May 2019, with a Rs. 38 stamp denomination.

1 June 2019: 26th Annual World Travel Awards, Special First Day Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 1 June 2019 on the occasion of the 26 World Travel Awards Africa and Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony, which took place at Sugar Beach Hotel.

The World Travel Awards serve to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry. It is now largely recognised as a hallmark of excellence and a benchmark which inspires all industry stakeholders. The ceremony brings together some 400 leading figureheads and VIPs from across the African continent and the Indian Ocean, including Ministers, CEOs of Tourism Boards, Airlines, and industry leaders.

24 June 2019: World Hydrography Day 2019, Special Commemorative Cover

A Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 24 June 2019 on the occasion of the World Hydrography Day.

On 21 June 1921, the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) was set up, with the support of Prince Albert I of Monaco to help make navigation safer throughout the world by increasing hydrographic knowledge and by making improvements in the world’s nautical charts.

Mauritius became a member of the IHO in 2005 and in 2013, the Mauritius Hydrographic Services was established to provide hydrographic services, for efficient and safe maritime transport, management of coastal zones, exploration and exploitation of marine resources, tourism, environmental protection and scientific research.

25 June 2019: Celebrating the contribution of the Civil Service in the socio-economic development of Mauritius (1968 – 2019), Special Commemorative Cover

To celebrate the contribution of the Civil Service to the socio-economic development of Mauritius, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued on 25 June 2019. The Cover has a Rs. 13 stamp.

The origin of the Mauritius Public Service dates back to the French colonial period, namely between 1715 and 1810. Then, it passed under the British colonial rule after the British invasion in 1810 until 1968 when the country became independent.

The Ministerial system of government was established in 1957. However, after independence in 1968, the role of the Public Service gained greater importance. The Public Service has been playing a crucial role in the socio-economic development of the country through the successful implementation of government policies and measures supported by the necessary legislative framework.

19th July 2019: 10ème Jeux des Iles de l’Ocean Indien, Official First Day Cover

An official first day cover and a miniature sheet was issued on 14 July 2019 to mark the hosting by Mauritius of the 10th Indian Ocean Games from 19 – 28 July 2019, a major sporting event for Indian Ocean islands, held every 4 years.

The games saw the participation of seven islands – Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Reunion, Mayotte, Maldives and Madagascar – 2000 athletes, in 14 different activities (Athletics, Badminton, Basket-ball, Beach volley, Boxing, Cycling, Football, weight lifting, Judo, Swimming, Rugby, table tennis, Sailing and Volley-ball).

The cover consists of 3 stamps featuring :

(i) The official mascot of the game, name Krouink on a Rs. 7 stamp. The Mascot has been designed after the Echo Parakeet, the only native parrot of Mauritius:

(ii) The logo of the game on the Rs. 24 stamp, selected after a national competition. It illustrates the head of the Dodo, and is composed of a coordinated artistic arrangement of four different forms of athletes; and

(iii) A sailing competition on the Rs. 21 stamp.

The cover features the Cote d’Or national sports complex as well as the 14 sport disciplines in which athletes from the 7 countries competed.

The miniature sheet comprises the 3 stamps, and the 14 pictograms depicting the 14 sport disciplines with the mascot of the 2019 Indian Ocean Islands games.

A series of maxi cards showing the Mascot, Kroink, the logo of the games and the 14 different sport disciplines

10 August 2018: 2nd African Civil Service Registration and Vital Statistics Day, Special Commemorative Cover.

To mark the 2nd anniversary of the African Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day, a special commemorative cover was released on 10 August 2019. The Theme of this 2nd Day was ‘Birth certificates fro all: Fundamental for Protecting Human Rights and Promoting Inclusion”.

Civil registration dates back to the 18th Century. Initial records were kept by the Catholic Church. Until 2001, all records of civil events were manually kept.

23 August 2019: 300th Birth Anniversary of Pierre Poivre, Official First Day Cover

To mark the 300th birth Anniversary of Pierre Poivre, an official first day cover was released on 19 August 2019.

Born in Lyon on 23 August 1719, he made brilliant ecclesiastic studies and were sent, before entering the orders, to China. In 1745, on his return trip to France, his ship was captured by an English vessel and Poivre lost his right arm. During his convalescence at Batavia, he studies the cultivation of spices (nutmeg and clove), of which the Dutch held the monopoly. He then returned to Isle de France with Labourdonnais, and thereafter back to France in 1748.

He persuaded the East India Company to create a trading post in Cochinchina in order to compete with the Dutch for the monopoly of spices and succeeded after two trips, to bring to Isle de France a number of nutmeg and clove plants, many of which were unfortunately destroyed. He returned to France in 1756 and was received at the Academy of Sciences and obtained a pension from the King.

In 1766, Pierre Poivre was commissioned by the King to establish the Royal Government in Isle de France, as Intendant. He married Francoise Robin and they landed at Isle de France in 1768, accompanied by the Governor Daniel Dumas. Soon after his arrival on the island, he gave two unique speeches which are notably rated in the annals of Isle de France and which described the whole program of his future actions.

The Rs. 33 stamp features an ebony tree, whose protection was due to Poivre’s law. The FDC illustrates Poivre’s portrait, signed by Alexis Grognard in 1783, from the collection of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius, as well as the introductory text of the “Réglement Economique” and Poivre’s signature on paper money issued in 1768. The FDC also portrays the nutmeg and clove fruits. The date stamp outlines a Malagassy palm, the only plant in the world bearing Poivre’s name.

23 August 2019: ICJ Advisory Opinion on Decolonisation

Maxicard showing the Chagos Archipelagos and the Island of Diego Garcia

On 23 August 2019, on Official First Day Cover and a souvenir sheet were issued to mark a historical legal delivered by the International Court of Justice, in favour of the Republic of Mauritius, in a case against the UK, over the unlawful occupation of the Chagos Archipelagos.

A historic Advisory Opinion delivered on 25 February 2019, the International Court of Justice found that the decolonisation of Mauritius was not lawfully completed upon its accession to independence in 1968, in view of the unlawful excision of the Chagos Archipelagos by the United Kingdom from the territory of Mauritius in 1965.

The Court also concluded that the UK is under the obligation to end its administration of the Chagos Archipelagos as rapidly as possible and that all Member States must cooperate with the UN to complete the decolonisation of Mauritius. In a resolution adopted on 22 May 2019, the UN General Assembly has demanded that the UK withdraws its unlawful administration from the Chagos Archipelagos unconditionally within a period of 6 month.

The FDC features 2 stamps:

(i) A Rs. 25 stamp, showing the ICJ, which is the principle judicial organ of the UN. It is composed of 15 judges and has its seat at the Peace Palace in the Hague, in the Netherlands.

(ii) Rs 13 stamp, showing the Chagos Archipelago, together with the Islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega, Tromelin and Cargados Carajos, which form an integral part of the territory of the Republic of Mauritius.

The Chagos Archipelago has a total area of 60 square kilometres, and comprises of 58 islands. Its largest atolls are Diego Garcia, Peros Banhos and Salomon islands. Other islands include Nelsons islands, Danger island, Eagle islands, Three brothers and Egmont islands.

9 September 2019: Visit of Pope Francis in Mauritius

On 9 September 2019, an Official First Day Cover was issued to mark the graceful visit of Pope Francis on the Mauritian soil. Pope Francis is the second Pope to visit Mauritius, after Saint John Paul II, who visited Mauritius on 14 October 1989.

Pope Francis celebrated the Holy mass at Marie Reine de la Paix. His visit coincided with the annual pilgrimage of ‘Bienheureux Pere Laval”.

The Rs. 13 stamp features a photo of Pope Francis, who is a supporter of world peace.

The two Maxi Cards shows (i) the statute of Virgin Mary which is found where the Pope celebrated his unique mass on 9th September; (ii) A photo of Father Laval, the Apostle of Mauritius. The Pope visited his grave located at Sainte Croix during this one-day visit to Mauritius.

2 October 2019: 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Official First Day Cover

To mark the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a new stamp was being issued on 2nd October 2019. The unique stamp, in back and white, shows the effigie of Mahatma Gandhi, and illustrates India’s most inspirational and historical figure who is universally recognised as the glorious symbol of ‘Truth and Non-Violence’.

9 October 2019: 50th Anniversary of World Post Day and 145 years of the Universal Postal Union, Special Commemorative Cover

The first day cover with a postmark of World Post Day (celebrated on 9 October, same day as the issue of the FDC).

On 9th October 2019, a Special Commemorative Cover was issued to celebrate the 50 years of the adhesion of Mauritius to Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1969 as a full-fledged member just after the Independence of Mauritius in 1968.

The cover also marks the 145th Anniversary of UPU since its creation in 1874. Today, the UPU consists of 192 member countries. It is the second oldest union in the world after the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and is a recognised United Nations agency.

Over the years, UPU has strived to keep pace with a changing world, harnessing new information and communication technologies to further develop efficient and accessible Universal Postal services and communication facilities to one and all.

The purpose of World Post Day is to bring awareness among the population on the role of the Post Office in the daily life of the citizens.

24th October 2019: International Polio Day, Special Commemorative Cover

The Rotary District 9220, the Rotary Club of Floreal (Mauritius) in collaboration with the Mauritius Post Ltd issued a Special Commemorative Cover on Thursday 24 October 2019 to mark the International Polio Day.

This initiative is a fundraising campaign to raise awareness and to contribute to medical research to end polio. The Rotary Club of Floréal has committed to donate 50% of funds to the Polio Plus, an organization engaged in the fight against polio.

The cover is on sale at Mauritius Post and at on the website of Rotary Floréal.

7 December 2019: 75th Anniversary of International Civil Organization (1944 – 2019)

On 7 December 2019, an Official First Day Cover was issued by the Mauritius Post to mark the 75th Anniversary of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The ICAO was established by States in 1944 to manage the administration and governance of the Convention on ICAO. Known more commonly as the Chicago Convention, this landmark agreement put in place the core principles permitting international transport by air and led to the creation of the specialized agency which has overseen it ever since.

The cover has a single stamp of Rs. 25. It depicts an aircraft on the tarmac of the old airport, the new modern airport as well as the ICAO logo.

18 December 2019: Metro Express 2019 – A New Transport Era

On 18 December 2019, an official first day cover was issued to mark the launch of the Metro express, a new means of transport in Mauritius.

The Metro Express Project marks a new mage of the history of transportation in Mauritius. The Metro will connect the corridor of Curepipe to Port-Louis, via a 26 kilometre railway line, with 19 stations, 2 of which are state-of-the-art elevated stations and 6 major interchanges, namely at Immigration, Victoria, Rose-Hill, Quatre-Bornes, Vacoas and Curepipe. The project is implemented in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Port Louis Victoria to Rose-Hill (completed in 2019)

Phase 2a: Port-Louis Victoria to Quatre-Bornes, expected to be completed in December 2020;

Phase 2b: Port-Louis Victoria to Curepipe, expected to be completed in September 2021.

In addition to the rail links, the Project includes the construction of viaducts, bridges, track works, direct-current electric traction systems, and light rail vehicles. The cover has a single Rs. 25 stamp, depicting the new Metro Express Light Rail Vehicle. The Cover illustrates the modern Metro Express, along one of the its tracks at Richelieu and its logo.