Welcome to my world of Mauritian stamps…

cover image - bordeau cover

Dear fellow philatelists,

Welcome to my little world of Mauritian stamps! I’ve been playing with the idea of creating this blog for a few years now, but I guess, looking at amount of work it requires to do something interesting, I’ve been procrastinating… But anyway, here we are..

This blog was born out of my passion for Mauritian stamps, which dates back to my childhood – over 30 years ago – when I remember being fascinated as an 8-year old, about these little pieces of colourful papers glued on the corner of envelopes my dad would get by postal mail.. As time went by, I piled up dozens of boxes and albums. In the past 10 years or so, I decided to become more focused, and naturally, I paused on postal items of my own country, Mauritius.

As many of you know, Mauritius is known for some of the rarest and most expensive stamps in the world – the blue and red penny stamps, that fetched over $ 2 million at the last auction.. It also has an exceptional track record of stunningly beautiful series of historical, nature-related or commemorative stamps issues, which over the years, earned it a another reputation when it comes to beautiful first day covers.

As I advanced on my quest to build up my own collection of Mauritian stamps, I however stumbled into a major challenge. There is not a single source available online, regarding historical documentation and chronological release of various types of covers. Of course, everything is available on display if you visit the Philatelic Museum or the Blue Penny Museum. But if you are unfortunate to live abroad (like me), then you face the challenge I faced.

It took me a lot of time and patience (and earned me a lot of grey hair) Β to start building a chronological account of what has been released, at least since the country gained independence in 1968. The fruits are my hard labour is what I want to share with you. And as you will notice, this is just the beginning of the journey as this is far from complete.

I hope that this blog can contribute to raising interests in Mauritian philatelic items and facilitates the task of many of you, who like me, bang your head against the wall, as you want to improve your collection πŸ™‚ I hope that it also serves as a pedagogical tool as a lot can be learnt on the history of Mauritius through it’s philatelic heritage. That will be the title of my next blog.

And if you want to help me improve the blog with stuffs I missed, please contact me!!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my world of Mauritian stamps…

  1. Hi Isabell, I like your blog very much – you had a lot of work πŸ™‚
    I have 7 envelopes with Mauritius Stamps ( Official first Day cover).
    I `d like to add this to your Collection. It would be a pleasure to give them to you directly.
    Please write to my mail. I’ll be in Mauritius for 2 weeks… starting tomorrow 6th ,January 2018
    Kind regards Marion


    • Dear Marion

      Many thanks for your kind words and offer! Indeed, I wanted to share my collection and also write few blogs so people know more about Mauritius, through postal history. I currently live in France, but will be in Mauritius as from 20 Jan. Will you still be in Mauritius?


  2. hi,
    thanks for the detailed history of Mauritius through the stamps, be it formative, cultural, political or natural history. it filled so many gaps of what i never knew about my own country and its natural resources and of course, the philatelic connotations with the sets produced.
    i would very much like to help with your collection of M stamps, but unfortunately not first day covers as i do not collect them. I do however have a large quantity of doubles from my collection from Q.V to current date and if you would let me have your wish list, quoting S.G numbers, i will see what I can offer.
    many thanks and do not hesitate to forward any requests i may be able to help with.



    • Hi Roger
      Thanks for your email and for your comments. I am glad that you found the site useful! Sorry for the delay in the response. the comments do not come straight to the email of the website for some strange reasons.
      Send me an email address, so I can send you the list of stamps I may want to purchase
      Were are you based?
      Best regards


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